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February 14, 2013

30+ Juicy Cherry Recipes

30+ Juicy Cherry Recipes ~ Collection of 30+ Cherry Recipes ~ something for every taste ! #CherryRecipes #RoundUp

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Black Forest Brownies

For this month our ingredients in the Dessert Challenge by LADY BEHIND THE CURTAIN are Chocolate and Cherries !  

I have to admit, it took me literally weeks to come up with something, but I finally decided on a double chocolate brownie topped with lightly sweetened whipped cream and a delicious cherry filling. This is a moist and oh so chewy brownie ... hope you enjoy ! 

Black Forest Brownies {Dessert Challenge}

{8 - 12 servings}

1 3/4 cups Flour
1 t Bicarbonate of Soda
1 cup Caster Sugar
1/4 cup Cocoa
100g Butter, melted
1 Extra-Large Egg
1 cup Plain Yoghurt
1/2 cup Milk
1/2 t Vanilla Essence
3/4 cup Chocolate Chips, divided

1 jar {680g} Cherries in syrup, pitted  {I used Morello Cherries}
1 cup Sugar
1/4 cup Corn Flour
1 t Vanilla

1 1/2 cups Fresh Cream {double cream/whipping cream}
1/3 cup Icing Sugar

1.) Pre-heat the oven to 200 deg C (400 deg F) - Spray a 20 x 30cm oven dish with Spray 'N Cook.
2.) Sift the Flour, Bicarbonate of Soda, Caster Sugar and Cocoa together in a large bowl.
3.) Beat together the melted Butter, Egg, Yoghurt, Milk and Vanilla Essence - fold into the Flour mixture, but do not over-mix.
4.) Add 1/2 cup of the Chocolate Chips to the batter and stir through - pour batter into the prepared oven dish and sprinkle the remaining 1/4 cup Chocolate Chips over.
5.) Bake 15 - 20 minutes - remove and cool completely before slicing.
6.) Meanwhile prepare the Cherry filling - drain the Cherries but reserve 1/2 cup of the syrup - place the Cherries, the reserved syrup, Sugar and Corn Flour in a small pot - bring to the boil - turn the heat to low and simmer about 10 minutes until thickened - remove from heat and stir in the Vanilla - cool completely.
7.) Beat together the Fresh Cream and the Icing Sugar until stiff points form - spoon into a piping bag.

Pipe Whipped Cream onto the border of each brownie - spoon some Cherry filling into the center.

Serve !

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  1. I know I am going to gain weight today just viewing this. Just totally Awesome!!! Yum-O!!


  2. Glad I am not the only procrastinating and indecisive person! ;) These look and sound fantastic, Linda! And I love Black Forest!!

  3. What a wonderful looking treat! I love Black Forest, and brownies! Great recipe! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. My husband's favorite cake is a Black Forest Cake and we both love brownies. I'm pinning this. It's looks delicious! Have a Happy Valentine's Day. :)

  5. Mmm...delicious! I had a hard time choosing a recipe too!

  6. Double chocolate sounds good to me! They look so good. I took me a while to come up with a recipe, too. And two different desserts.

  7. Wow, looks yummy!! Thanks for sharing & Happy Valentine's Day :-)

  8. Black forest cake is so delicious! I will never forget the first time my mom made one from scratch!

  9. Linda, your food is so beautifully delicious looking! It makes me hungry! You are a very professional looking cook!
    Have a great day! Thanks for hosting! Have a wonderful day!

    Joye & Myrna

  10. What exquisite brownies! I wish I had one (or more!) for my dessert tonight!!!

  11. Great recipe! I love cherries in my brownies! Thanks for participating in the Dessert Challenge. Can't wait to see what you create for us next month! ~Sheryl @ Lady Behind The Curtain~

  12. I'm visiting from Freedom Friday, it looks delicious!

  13. Dropping around from My Turn (for us) Freedom Friday. Chocolate & Cherries have to be one of my favourties, and yours look devine.

  14. PS Linda, happy to see it is from "scratch" and not using a "box" base.. yummy, I will be pinning this one for sure.

  15. I LOVE these! Thanks for sharing at the dessert challenge.

    Sherry K-Jazzy Gourmet

  16. I am so glad you are not my BFF neighbor because I would be so FAT eating all your WONDERFUL creations!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I adore black forest cake, so I can't figure out why I have never thought of doing it with a brownie! It looks delish!

  18. That looks absolutely MOUTH WATERING!! Thanks for sharing your husband is behind me warning me to not even THINK about baking that tonight ;)

    (visiting from "I should be mopping" Mondays)

  19. Good choice for the dessert challenge! This looks super yummy :)

    Thanks for sharing at my weekend link party @The Weekend re-Treat!

  20. You outdid yourself on this one! This is stunning! I love black forest, but I don't necessarily want something big, like cake! This was a good choice! Thanks for sharing this at Saturday Share With Us! Can't wait to see what you bring this weekend!

  21. Looks delish! Thank you so much for linking up with us!

  22. Thanks for bringing your Black Forest Brownies over to What'd You Do This Weekend? I love these.

    Be sure to come back and share your weekend projects next Monday. We go live at midnight Sunday.

    Have a great weekend,

  23. Each time, I visit here, I find something more delicious than last visit. Thanks for adding this to the Recipe Box.

  24. Black forest...never denied it! love it so much :)

  25. Everything looks so good.......Your brownies are beautiful andi thewednesdaybaker

  26. Wow! Want to send some on over to me?

  27. Good for you for joining the challenge! These look DELISH! Thank you for linking up in our Crafty Showcase last week.

    Nom nom

    xoxo Susie @Bowdabra

  28. I have never made brownie from scratch...Don't laugh. Looks like a good one to try. Thanks for linking!

  29. Oh my Linda,
    I am guessing your home is always filled with guests coming to eat something amazing?!
    Thanks for sharing on Tutorial Thursdays.

  30. Thanks for linking up this post to The Best Blog Recipes @The Weekend re-Treat!
    You’ve been featured on today’s 25 Easter Dessert Idea’s post!

    Hope to see you link up again at the party this weekend!


  31. I just loooooooove these brownies!! Great recipe
    And I just want grab this piece and eat it

  32. Thank you so much for sharing this post at The Weekend re-Treat Link Party! You've been featured and included in my "25 Delicious Brownie Recipes" Round Up that I posted earlier today with links back to your site :) I also pinned to my "Brownies" board while I was here!



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