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December 30, 2012

Strawberry Jam & Chocolate Puffs

We are back to puff pastry. After my debacle with the Donut Cupcakes, I thought I'll stick to something that is hard to mess up !

And I owe you a sweet treat post, the last couple of posts were mainly savory and crafts.

Look at the jam and chocolate oozing out of the pockets, and the way I placed them none of the three inside ingredients "mingled", every bite gave a different, yet complementing, taste.

You can first mix the jam, cream cheese and chocolate, before scooping it onto the pastry and get a mixed taste at once, or make them the way I did.

Strawberry Jam & Chocolate Puffs

{recipe makes 6 long-ish triangles}

1 Roll Frozen Puff Pastry, defrosted
6 t Cream Cheese, softened
6 t Strawberry Jam
6 t Chocolate, broken into small pieces {a nice Milk Chocolate}
1 Egg, beaten
Icing Sugar, for dusting
Extra melted Chocolate for drizzling

1.) Pre-heat the oven to 200 deg C (400 deg F) - line a baking sheet with baking paper.
2.) Roll out the pastry a little thinner - cut in half, lengthwise, then cut each piece into three pieces - it should be somewhere between a square and a rectangle.
3.) Place a teaspoon each of Cream Cheese, Strawberry Jam and Chocolate in the center of each piece of pastry - brush all the edges with a little beaten Egg - take the one corner of the pastry and fold over to the opposite corner to form a long-ish triangle - use a fork to seal the edges.
4.) Place all six pastries on the prepared baking sheet - brush with beaten Egg and make a small slit into each top - bake 20 - 25 minutes or until golden and puffed.
5.) Remove from oven and place on a cooling rack - dust with Icing Sugar and drizzle with melted Chocolate.

As soon as the drizzle has set, it can be served.

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