Festive Chocolate Balls

Quick and easy to make Festive Chocolate Balls with a hidden surprise are always welcome on a Festive sweet platter

Easy, no bake, delicious Festive Chocolate Balls

These Festive Chocolate Balls are basically the same as my Chocolate Snow Balls, but with the addition of a glace cherry to the center and decorated a little different.

Cherries and the Festive season goes hand in hand in my book. Not even to speak of all-things-glittery and sparkly !

I do not think this is the season to go all out on a diet – anyway, most definitely not for me. These are the 6 weeks a year where I eat what I want (and more often than not – over eat !).

The Festive season starts December and lasts into the middle of January, that is, in South-Africa, but I actually think it is the same in most countries.

One thing I do miss, however, is to have the kids around all the time. But as they say, life goes on, the kids grow up and inevitable go their own way (small pre-empty nest syndrome??)

Easy, no bake, delicious Festive Chocolate Balls

Anyhow, it is still nice to treat them with something which I can whip up just as quickly and suddenly, as they appear and actually spend some time at home.

These are great to add to a sweet platter as well, whether it be for Christmas, New Year or any other occasion.

Easy, no bake, delicious Festive Chocolate Balls


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