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Marinade Recipes (Meats, Seafood and Vegetables)

Over 50 Marinade Recipes ! This is one collection of recipes everyone needs. Marinades for not only Meat, Poultry and Seafood, but Vegetables as well Have you ever been at a barbecue (or hosted one yourself) and after one bite, one of your friends/family asks : did you marinate this steak (or whatever meat) in …

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Apple-Lettuce Remoulade (for Sandwiches)

Apple-Lettuce Remoulade makes a delicious and refreshing filling to your meaty sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken or fish burgers – Crispy, slightly tart with a delicious crunch. If you are tired of all your usual toppings for sandwiches, hotdogs or even a fishburger, you should definitely try this Apple-Lettuce Remoulade for Sandwiches.

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