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    • Tina, it is the normal packets of dry soup mix – I use the Knorr brand {soup powder to which you only add water when making soup}

  1. Hi, Linda! I love a sweet addition to savory pork chops. This is such a creative recipe…looks delicious! I also appreciate that I can make it in my slow cooker. 🙂 Tweeting!

  2. Will definitely give this a go – all my lot like pork but it's a bit bland sometimes. Thanks for sharing x

  3. There is nothing better than 1000 Island Dressing so I had to stop by from See Ya in the Gumbo and take a look. They sound scrumptious and I love that used Apricot too.

  4. YUM – these look great – they're going onto my list for dinner this week! Thanks Linda! Will you link these at the Merry Monday Linky? I would love to share them with everyone! Julia

  5. Now this is a recipe I would like to try. Looks so moist…yum!

    Thanks for sharing on Marvelous Monday at Smart Party Planning 🙂

  6. I cannot find the white onion soup powder, is it like Lipton onion soup mix? I searched Knorr products but couldn't find that.

    • Gretchen, I googled the Lipton brand and it seems like the same thing {some articles I looked at, actually shows the name Lipton/Knorr both on the box. Ours is just in a plain paper packet.

    • lipton doesnt work as well as knorrs. i couldnt find white onion and used the Leek soup. Turned out yummy. according to knorrs, the white onion soup is found mostly in south africa. not sure why.

    • I am glad it still turned out well ! Strange how different countries keep only certain flavors of a brand – bet you have flavors which I have never heard of 😉

  7. One more question sorry, I have never used 1000 island dressing, the one in your picture seems to be of a smooth consistency, is that better than the chunckier version?

    • I have never seen a chunky version on our shelves in SA. I Have always used the smooth and all the brands I tried gave the same taste.

  8. I always thought the slow cooker was a saver on power due to low wattage. Is that wrong?

    • Not sure about different countries and electricity usage, Nana :/ We have pre-paid electricity in South-Africa {most households, I think} and our small appliances actually use more units when switched on for hours, whereas an oven is only on for a little while {wattage taken into account}

  9. Very interesting……will definitely give this a try… you are from South Africa eh ? That's great…looking forward to seeing more recipes and maybe some pictures of SA too 🙂 that would be nice 🙂

  10. The 1000 Island dressing draws me in…I haven't had it in years. I love the color and coating on these chops, Linda.

    Your post is the Top Viewed this week. It will be featured at tomorrow's party. Congratulations and thanks for linking!

  11. Can you use Knorr French Onion Soup Mix? None of the soup mixes I see have "White Onion" on the label. I love the recipe & can't wait to try it! I love pork and usually mine is kinda bland. This sounds Popping! 🙂

  12. OK.. sigh.. I am so uninformed! Garlic Flakes.. what are garlic flakes? is it a spice you can buy in a jar or the way you chop up a garlic clove? . All I can find is minced garlic; garlic salt; garlic powder…sorry so many questions, but I want to make this!!! 🙂

    • Valerie, the Garlic Flakes I use, are dried garlic found with the herbs and spices – but you can use finely chopped fresh garlic if unavailable, just increase the qty to 2 teaspoons. And I am sure the Knorr French Soup Mix will work 🙂 {replying here as your e-mail is not attached to your comment}