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February 22, 2016

How To Make Green Beer (St Patrick's Day)

Everyone celebrating St Patrick's Day should know How To Make A Green Beer ! Easily !

How to make Green Beer for St. Patrick's Day is not really rocket science, but it may as well have been as I had been making it wrong all these years.

St Patrick's Day is all about green and gold - of course a lot more, but I'm talking about the colors surrounding this special Irish day. But, even though we are all about green and gold (or rainbow)... did you know that the authentic color for St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland is in reality blue ?

Well, never the less, I love green, gold and yes definitely blue. Blue is in fact my favorite color since I was a little girl, never pink for me, blue.. always !

Anyhow, I used to add the food coloring to the beer in a large jug, mixed and then poured into the glasses. So wrong, most of the foam goes lost with the mixing and re-pouring, and a beer is not a beer without any foam.

Look at the small beer shot glass - see, most of the foam is gone and I only poured from the large glass into the smaller one.

I'll leave you with one of the best and most well known Irish quotes :

"There are only two kinds of people in the world, the Irish and those who wish they were"

How To Make Green Beer (St Patrick's Day)

1 Serving


2 cups Beer, any kind, the lighter the color the better
Green Food Coloring


1.) Pour a little Beer in an ice-cold glass/mug, holding the glass/mug at a slight angle - add a drop or two of the Food Coloring to the Beer - give only a light stir, then continue to fill the glass as you would normally do.
2.) The Beer and Coloring will mix without being stirred.

Serve immediately - Cheers !

Everyone celebrating St Patrick's Day should know How To Make A Green Beer ! Easily !

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  1. I had no idea the color for St. Patrick was blue! This will be such a fun drink for St. Patrick's Day!! I can hardly wait!

  2. How cool!! I love green beer and need to try your little trick!

  3. thank you iv always wanted green beer but couldn't find how to do it at home instead getting it at the bar thanks alyssa from calie


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