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October 21, 2012

Sausage & Vegs Kebabs

Today I am sharing a grilled kebab recipe which you can grill over the coals, under your oven grill, or as I did on my health griller.

The veggies get to marinade this time... not the meat !  I have used mini Pork Sausages but you can use beef or chicken as well.

***Before we get to the recipe, have a look at a typical Gauteng weather storm - Minutes before it looked like in the photos, the sun was shining, a bit cloudy, but not much - then the hailstorm of storms which lasted all of about 5 minutes! Minutes later.....and the sun is shining again as if nothing happened at all.  Dimitri, his girlfriend Stephanie, her Dad and Granddad all got damages in various degrees on their cars, mainly the windscreens and body work -  Jacobus {and he only owns his car for about 2 weeks now..}, lost his whole back window of his car even though it was parked under a carport - that is how vicious this hailstorm came down.  Many houses, including Stephanie's parents, have broken windows. And again - this happened in around FIVE MINUTES !***

I stood in the front doorway taking these photos, whilst Roy tried all kinds of maneuvers to get my car's front windscreen under a large shrub, to avoid damage.  The hail was as big and bigger than golf balls !

Right let's get over to the recipe:

Sausage & Vegs Kebabs

{makes 8 kebabs}

3 TB Olive Oil
3 TB Lemon Juice
2 t Garlic, crushed
Large handful chopped Parsley
250g Button Mushrooms
1 Onion, cut into wedges 
1 Red Bell Pepper, cut into bite-sized chunks

24 Mini Pork Sausages  {or beef/chicken}
8 Kebab Sticks, soak in water whilst the vegetables are marinating

Basil or Rocket leaves, to serve {optional}

1.) Mix together the Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Garlic and Parsley in a small bowl.
2.) Place the Mushrooms, Onion and Red Bell Pepper in a marinade container - pour the marinade over the vegetables, let it marinade for at least an hour {turn the container over a few times during this period}
3.) Start by threading through a piece of Onion, followed by a Sausage, Red Bell Pepper, Mushroom - repeat twice more ending with a piece of Onion.
4.) Grill {as preferred} about 5 minutes per side or until done.

Grilling on my health griller....

Serve on a bed of Basil or Rocket leaves if preferred.

I served these kebabs with Polenta and a Greek Salad.

Hope you will enjoy this!


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  1. OMG! These look so good. I will have to try this. Thanks for sharing. #BLMGirls BTW, I am now a new follower!

  2. Boy, you were quick off the mark today, Linda! No 1 link is yours for this Food on Friday. Have a great week.


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