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July 10, 2012

Tip For Shiny Houseplants

I am one of the worst wannabe tried to housewives !  I hate cleaning, ironing and whatever else one does around the house. Two things I don't mind doing, is dishes (don't believe in a dishwasher - never even had a desire to buy one) and doing the laundry, although I told the kids they must do their own now - why? because they won't make the effort of just collecting their stuff from the laundry room after I washed, hanged to dry and folded it!

Anyhow, I tried this "housewifey" thing for a while and realised why I can not stand it - I am a perfectionist (I know it sounds as if I'm contradicting myself..). I'll start cleaning something and get so obsessed with it to be absolutely perfect, that I do not have time left for the 101 other stuff - another reason cleaners do not last long at my house. 

I have always said a housewife have the hardest job on earth - I have the utmost respect for them. I have spent most of my life in an office, and I complained about the stress, the bosses, the colleagues but there is no comparison to being a housewife.

Okay, my tip is so simple - we live very close to an old mine and with the wind in SA, our houses do not stand a chance against the dust. Start one side of the house, dusting, end on the other side, and the dust has already formed again where you started.

This is all you need to have lovely shiny potplants {Got this tip many years ago from a colleague whose wife do this}:

Left: A little Milk & Cotton swabs         Right: The arrows show 2 leaves I've already done.

So easy and it lasts for weeks, also doesn't collect dust as quickly - Take a cotton swab or those round make-up cottons (as in pic) - Dip in milk and wipe the leaves gently, top and bottom. Wait to dry and it'll look like the AFTER photo {I know, I know ... the plant needs water, I know!}

That's the tip for today - if you want to know why I'm taking trouble with this one plant (especially me capable of killing plastic plants - also don't believe in those: plastic plants bring bad luck! Really, I'm a sucker for all those old tales) read on:

Today 10th July - my Dad passed away 4 years ago. I am very sad, usually we go away for a couple of days, as he died at my house and until this year I just couldn't stand being home on this date. Today, I'm fine - I accept the fact that he is in a better place and I do believe he is with my Mom and other loved ones no longer with us.

A few months before he passed away, he bought this very plant, it was still small and he was as happy as a child, his whole apartment was full of plants, but for some reason only he knew, this plant just made his day when he bought it.

True enough, this is the only plant that's survived this long in my house (and mainly due to Roy, who knows how much I want to keep it alive - he'll water it every now and then, fortunately it doesn't seem to need a lot of water or attention).

A bit about my Dad - I was Daddy's girl, we had a great understanding, we could fight up a storm but it always ended well. I tried not to be disrespectful to my parents but I was a problem teenager, I was like a crazed lunatic (never, ever did drugs however, thank God I never put my parents through that).

Both of us had also, at some time or another, swung a fist in defence of the other - LITERALLY !

Dad was also a great friend to my kids, not just a grandfather, they as with anyone else, could speak to him about everything and anything and he actually listened, asked questions, showed interest - thing is - one just knew he took everything you said to heart. 

Many people, sadly most of them, relatives, never tried to understand him, never bothered to get to know him - of course there are the odd exceptions. He was marked as the black sheep in the family and that was that. He was no saint, not at all - he was a real naughty dude (with all respect said) but in light of what I now know, thanks to modern medical tecnology, I finally realised what the problem had been as I now suffer from it - yeah, it's a real illness which I won't go into - this post is already running a bit long.

One more thing -  any of your Dads ever went clubbing with you and your friends and actually had some of the same friends you had ? Right... he was not an ordinary father - he was an extra-ordinary DAD.

I better go water the poor plant, and I think I might have to re-pot it soon?? Ideas??



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  1. What beautiful memories you share of your dad. He sounds like a special person. All the best, Holly

  2. Get out! Milk.. and cotton... really? You are great- loved this post!

  3. Thanks for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop today!!

  4. Your dad sounds like a really special guy. I haven't been clubbing with my dad ever and can never imagine doing so!! He's not much of a dancer.

    Visiting via the Welcome Wednesday Hop :)


  5. Some fantastic tips. Thanks for sharing your memories of your Dad, too.

  6. Great tip! How did I never know that?!

  7. great tip cant wait to try it
    beautiful memories are what we are left with - enjoy them

  8. Great tip. Lovely memories of your Dad. Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  9. I had no idea milk would do that! The things you learn :) Your dad sounds like a fantastic person .... so glad you have such great memories!

  10. I never knew milk would do that, and what great memories of your Dad. Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you tomorrow.

  11. I lost my Dad 22 years ago (just shortly before I got pregnant with my surprise son) and it's still hard at times. Yes, even though our Dads were heroes to us, to know and love someone you have to accept the fact that they were human just like us with all their (our) faults. It took me years to overcome the pain of loss to be able to smile about the memories. Yes, I now know he is in a better place and I will see him again. And yes, there are certain items that I love because it reminds me of him.
    PS Great tip about the plant (sorry about the long comment but your post started it, LOL)
    Thank you for sharing at Freedom Fridays.


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