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June 16, 2017

Korean Rice Bowl (Bibimbap)

Bibimbap - Korean Rice Bowl

This Korean Rice Bowl, known as Bibimbap, is a quick, easy and most delicious week night dinner. Besides cooking the rice (unless you have leftovers from a previous meal), the rest of the ingredients in this Rice Bowl, are all extremely quick to prepare.

June 12, 2017

Light Lemon Cheesecake Bars

Simple, basic recipe for Light Lemon Cheesecake - an all time favorite !

I have been making these light Lemon Cheesecake bars for years now, and recently my son mentioned that it had been some time since the last batch I baked.

June 2, 2017

Quick Pasta Casserole

Everyday ingredients for a delicious all seasons dinner - ready in a flash !

We love this Quick Pasta Casserole - any time, any season ! Add a crunchy salad or two and we are set for dinner, usually with some leftovers as well, as we are only 3 adults, but my son likes to take any leftovers to work for lunch, therefore, no wasting of good food.

May 31, 2017

Our Open Plan Living / Dining Room

Black and Green Living / Dining room and a Space saving Home Bar

After months of planning, budgeting, changes made (100's of times!), blood and sweat our Open Plan Living / Dining Room is finally done

May 15, 2017

Magic Chocolate Custard Cake

Decadent ! Mix and bake, so easy to make this Magic Chocolate Custard Cake

This Magic Chocolate Custard Cake is not only magic through the baking process, but pure magic to your taste buds as well !

May 11, 2017

Greek Meatballs

Greek-Style Meatballs scattered with Feta in a rich Tomato-Beef sauce

I have mentioned before that we love Meatballs, and these Greek Meatballs are already a favorite with my family

May 8, 2017

Walk In Pantry From "Stolen" Space

Do YOU have space for a Walk In Pantry ? You might ! Have a look what we did

Do YOU have space for a Walk In Pantry ? You might ! Have a look at how we found space from a room adjacent to the kitchen for our new spacious Walk In Pantry
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