Strawberry Yoghurt Tart

We actually live in quite a confusing world – I’ve noticed that more and more since I started this (mostly) foodie blog.
When I just started (yeah, I began with Pinterest .. ), I found that I sometimes actually enjoyed the posts more than the recipe! That’s the main reason I started this blog – to interact more with other bloggers. Well, I pinned a couple of thousand recipes, projects etc.
Right, so what is confusing – Graham Crackers, huh? what’s that – and it’s in every second recipe. Another thing – Crescent rolls .. in a can? No way, I was lost, totally! And what about jelly, some countries call their jam, jelly .. okay, I worked that one out. But I knew Jello is what we call jelly. Now, only a couple of months ago, I noticed that most of our stores now carry the BRAND “Jello” which could be either jelly or instant pudding – but is it stronger than our jelly or not – because of the weight difference? .. no idea (still have to test something).
For today, a last question (and I have no idea who I’m actually asking..) why can’t we have Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ..?? Oh why not? I can make them, but really, it’s much quicker to open a box or bag.
To give you more info on the Tennis biscuits which I love to use – it’s a normal sweet biscuit with Coconut and very absorbent, so when making a dish like this one today, the Tennis biscuit layer will go softer when a liquidy (I don’t know where I get these words..) mixture is added to it, but it will remain strong enough to act as a bond. I had some questions about this and what can be used instead, but to tell the truth .. I do not know what is available in other countries, therefore I can only tell you what a Tennis biscuit is. Hope this will help – and maybe if you can tell me more about a Graham Cracker .. 😉 I know, one can google it, but that will only give you ingredients and recipes.
A quick look again to remind you what today’s post IS about 😉

Strawberry Yoghurt Tart

3/4 pack (of a 200g) Tennis Biscuits
2 Cans (410g ea) Strawberries in light syrup
80g box Strawberry Jelly
1 TB Lemon Juice
2 TB Sugar
250ml (1 cup) Plain Yoghurt
2 x 175ml tubs Strawberry Yoghurt
Whipped Cream & Fresh Strawberries to decorate
1.) Line the bottom of a rectangular 20 x 30cm dish with the Tennis biscuits, keep one or two biscuits to crumble over.
2.) Drain the Strawberries but keep 150ml syrup aside – Chop half of the Strawberries into fairly small chunks – leave the other half whole.
3.) Heat the retained Strawberry syrup until very hot. Add the Jelly, Lemon juice and Sugar – stir until all is dissolved.
4.) In a large mixing bowl – add the jelly mixture, Strawberries (chopped and whole), Plain Yoghurt and the Strawberry Yoghurt – mix well to combine all ingredients.
5.) Pour over the layer of Tennis biscuits and refrigerate until set. ( about 2 hours)
Just before serving, decorate with Whipped cream, Fresh Strawberries and crumbled biscuits.
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18 thoughts on “Strawberry Yoghurt Tart”

  1. It's funny how things are culturally different. I can't believe you can't get PB Cups there – I think my world would stop spinning without them! 😉 Graham crackers are a slightly sweet cracker … and the graham has an almost nutty taste. We can get it in original, cinnamon and honey flavored graham crackers. Here in the states, jelly is only made with fruit juices … while jam, is made with the actual crushed fruit. Jell-o is made with gelatin. Jellies and jams are sold generally on the condiment aisle at the store, while Jell-o is in the baking aisle. Hope this helps you some! I don't know how international customs works … otherwise I would send you some of this stuff 🙂

    1. Thanks for the info, Jamie! But you threw me once again with the jelly and jam 😉 I thought, in the States, jelly is always like our jam (with fruit), I did not realise there is a jelly and jam. I've made a few recipes calling for Graham's but I just substituted it for our Tennis biscuits and it seems to work out fine. Hope you have a nice 4th July (I have family in Los Angeles)

  2. I have wondered what your tennis biscuits were in your recipes, but I assumed they were similar to graham crackers, lol! But graham crackers don't have any coconut, they are a plain, wheaty cracker that is sweet and flat, kind of between a cookie(biscuit) and a cracker. I would say they are also similar to the digestive biscuits in the UK? It would be a huge pain to make peanut butter cups, but I'm so glad they sell them here. It's really the main candy my children like, and they are really so good! Please feel free to ask me if you ever have any questions about specific ingredients or recipes. Following you on Pinterest! And I'm pinning this yummy recipe.

  3. Thanks for following me on Pinterest! I actually have family in the US (Los Angeles) and in UK (England) – but I'm in South Africa .. I'll take you up on the offer about questions regarding ingredients though .. lol ! And if I mention something strange, please ask and I'll try my best to explain what it is (Someone asked me the other day what she could use instead, which is available in the US – I couldn't answer that because I don't know)Have a great weekend!

  4. This looks yummy and like something my family would like. Can you tell me what tennis biscuits are? I'm not familiar with these in America! Maybe I live in a cave? 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah, I copied and pasted this little piece from the post – hope it helps! {To give you more info on the Tennis biscuits which I love to use – it's a normal sweet biscuit with Coconut and very absorbent, so when making a dish like this one today, the Tennis biscuit layer will go softer when a liquidy (I don't know where I get these words..) mixture is added to it, but it will remain strong enough to act as a bond}

  5. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes answered everything perfectly. Blogging makes me more conscienses of how I write especially oven temperatures, I now know that there is a whole world out there. We just need to send you some graham crackers (OMG that means you can't make smores:( A whole new conversation and am American Classic, a must have when camping. We must put together a educational foodie package. Lol Thanks for sharing at Freedom Fridays.

  6. This is fantastic! looks so yummy! I hope you will link this up to The CSI project this week starting Wednesday. The challenge is Frozen treats and Push Up Pops. You just might win.
    Each day we have a fun tutorial and on Wednesday you can start linking up!
    Come on over!

  7. Linda,
    This is a great looking recipe. I was going to give you the info also but it looks like Jamie already did 🙂 I make homemade Strawberry Jam because we prefer the bits of fresh fruit in it. Most of the jelly out there is strained fruit just turned into a jam like product just no actual fruit added. Probably designed for picky eaters. lol I would love to send a box of graham crackers so you can try them if you want to email me your address.

    I would think you could use any type of sugar cookie or shortbread in place of the graham crackers in a recipe and it would be just as tasty.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday last week. I can't wait to see what you link up next. Have a great week.


    1. Thanks so much! I looked at the site and I'll phone them as the shop is in Gauteng and I think they have a branch at a shopping center even closer to me. I'll kick myself if I find it right under my nose 😉 (with joy however!)

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