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August 7, 2014

Italian Buttermilk Chicken

Italian Buttermilk Chicken ~ Juicy Chicken fillets covered in a delicious Italian coating #ChickenRecipe #ButtermilkChicken

This is the perfect Chicken for a busy week night. The Italian Buttermilk Chicken is finger-licking awesome and kids just love it.

We like fish and chips {as we call it in SA!}, and this is a delicious alternative - the Chicken Fingers, with chips and a salad or two and we are set.

The Chicken goes just as well with mashed potatoes and veggies, if you'd rather have it that way. The Paprika not only gives the Chicken a delicious taste, but it also gives the Chicken Fingers a lovely rich, dark color, unlike some batter covered fried chicken or fish.

Speaking of fish - this recipe is great to use with firm white fish fingers, or even larger pieces !



500g Chicken Fillets, cut into chunky fingers
Salt and Black Pepper
1 cup Buttermilk in a medium bowl
1 cup Flour
1 TB Paprika
1 TB Italian Herbs
Oil, for shallow fry


1.) Season the Chicken with the Salt and Pepper.
2.) Mix together the Flour, Paprika and Italian Herbs in a medium bowl.
3.) Dip the seasoned Chicken into the Buttermilk and immediately into the Flour mixture.
4.) Shallow fry the Chicken until done - place on paper towel, pat and serve.

Serve with chips and a salad or mashed potatoes, corn and a crunchy salad.

Italian Buttermilk Chicken ~ Juicy Chicken fillets covered in a delicious Italian coating #ChickenRecipe #ButtermilkChicken
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  1. Mm fish and chips but I think your chicken is better. However Samuel has a part time job at a chicken place so I haven't cooked fried chicken in a long time, I bet yours is better.

  2. Yum... that looks delicious. I love the idea of adding the paprika for a touch of spice and color. I want to come and eat at your house:)


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