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Stay CLEAN Muffin Pan!!

How to keep your Muffin Pan clean for longer or to keep the mess at the absolute minimum !

How To Keep Your Muffin Pan Cleaner for Longer

I absolutely hate doing dishes, and no, I do not want a dishwasher – never did and probably never will. I hope my Stay Clean Muffin Pan tip will help you as well !

Thing is with muffin pans, you have to get into every hole, nook and cranny. Mostly it needs more scrubbing than just a gentle wipe… no matter how well you have prepared the pan before use.

And the tops ! Well, there is always one or more muffin or cupcake which rises over the edge – some of those marks you never get off.

I do, however, use a muffin pan without liners on occasion – then the aluminum foil won’t do.  But mostly I use liners and then this little trick works wonders, especially since I have limited use of my arms.

How To Keep Your Muffin Pan Clean

How to keep your muffin pan clean :

1.) Cover the muffin pan with aluminium foil – tuck it in at the edges.
2.) Cut a small X incision in the center of each hole.
3.) Open up slightly in order for the liner to be pushed in easily.
4.) Press a liner into each opened up hole.

Bake your muffins or cupcakes – remove from pan – remove and discard the aluminium foil. Pack away your muffin pan for next time’s use.

No cleaning !  It works ! But yes, you will eventually have to give it a wash, or I should say a good rinse.

Lazy housewife tip..?? Oh, yes, definitely 😉   Do not forget your pans will look better for longer as well….


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Wednesday 31st of October 2012

What a great idea! I've pinned this as well - thanks for sharing at MightyCrafty Mondays.


Sunday 21st of October 2012

You go girl. I love cupcakes and also hate the clean up. Thanks for a wonderful idea.

Jessi @ Practically Functional

Sunday 21st of October 2012

Brilliant! I absolutely hate cleaning muffin pans! Thanks for linking this up to The Fun In Functional!


Friday 19th of October 2012

I have the same problem. This would solve it! Why haven't thought of that!?

I have a link party and giveaway happening today

. I would love for you to come and join in and link up your helpful tip!


Diana - FreeStyleMama

Friday 19th of October 2012

Brilliant idea!!!

DianaDiana RamblesBento Blog NetworkLink Rink

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.