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Chunky (NOT) Knitted Blanket

Chunky (NOT) Knitted Blanket – the perfect project for anyone who can not knit and loves those chunky blankets, but not the hefty store prices !

Chunky {NOT} Knitted Blanket

Would you believe I do not know the first thing about knitting?  Well, maybe you do, if you are a regular reader of my blog.  I could knit as a child, but have not done so in decades.

Ok, before we get to the “how” let me tell you the “why” I knitted this blanket.

A year or two ago, I had seen a chunky knitted blanket advertised for the first time – very nice and also very, very expensive ! So, I wasn’t going to fork out that kind of money and I couldn’t and still can not knit.

Then, loom knitting entered my little world a few months ago!  Love, love it !  I started with a small round Nifty Knitter, making small flowers, then bought a complete set of round looms (all different sizes)  I have done a couple of things and some projects are only halfway, because, I then bought a long loom as below.

Chunky {NOT} Knitted Blanket ~ perfect project for anyone who can not knit ~ #loomknitting #loom #blanket #chunkyblanket #diy #crafts #knitting

All you need is :

– A Loom and the Hook (sold together)
– Knitting Yarn  (I used a thick, soft very woolly yarn)
– AND of course your hands !

1.) I did the double loom knit – directions are in the packet and a 5 year old can understand it
2.) See.. it’s more like weaving than knitting
3.) Thick, soft and so cuddly !  – the blanket is about 2.5 centimeters thick  (an inch thick)
4.) I completed two full width (600mm) panels x 1.2 meters long where I used the same yarn to stitch them together (I did front and back as the blanket is so thick)

Chunky {NOT} Knitted Blanket ~ perfect project for anyone who can not knit ~ #loomknitting #loom #blanket #chunkyblanket #diy #crafts #knitting

1.) Once again just showing exactly how thick this blanket is
2.) The decision on how to finish the top and bottom took the longest. I finally decided to use ribbon with big holes (big enough for yarn to fit through) on either side and again used yarn to stitch the ribbon into place
3.) Because the blanket is so thick, the ribbon forms a slight “V” shape, but I like that

Chunky {NOT} Knitted Blanket ~ perfect project for anyone who can not knit ~ #loomknitting #loom #blanket #chunkyblanket #diy #crafts #knitting

And I really wanted to show you the full blanket, but this is the closest I could get in taking a photo to show most of the blanket.

ps; I used 20 skeins of 50g each per panel ~ that is 40 skeins altogether and an extra skein to attach the two panels to one another

Plain yarn were used to stitch the ribbon to the blanket

For all of you heading into the cooler seasons – this is a nice, relaxing and very rewarding project to start with now 😉


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Polly Plum

Sunday 28th of February 2016

I know nothing about loom knitting, but I'm going to check it out at the craft store this week!I had a stroke and can only use 1 hand, so maybe I can figure out how to make loom knitting work for me. Do you have any close ups of the ribbon on the top and bottom? or how-to's?

Linda Nortje

Sunday 28th of February 2016

I'm sorry but I only have these photos, Polly. Loom knitting is so easy, and every loom comes with complete instructions, short but detailed. You don't have to use ribbon on the tops and bottoms if you don't want to - any ribbon with fairly large holes in them will do (large enough for wool to go through) - replying here as your e-mail is not attached to your comment

Cathy Compeau

Thursday 19th of September 2013

I love the colors! Thank you for sharing at our TGIF Link Party at A Peek Into My Paradise. I hope you will be back to link up another awesome post this week!Cathy @

TitiCrafty by Camila

Saturday 14th of September 2013

I want one of those, can you send one over here???? LOL Oooh it looks so comfy!!! Thanks so much for sharing this with me at Bewitch Me & Titi! Hope to have you back with another awesome share! Hope you are having a wonderful week!!!

HugsCami @

Daphne Bryson

Thursday 12th of September 2013

Good Morning Linda, I love your blanket, it looks lovely and thick and would be fabulous to snuggle up in on a cold winters night. I love the detail of the lace, it really is a lovely touch.I am a knitter, I used to knit all my daughters jumpers when they were small and I am currently knitting my daughter a woollen blanket, but that has been on hold due to the warm summer, but the days are colder now, Autumn has arrived, and you have inspired me to pick up those needles again.Enjoy your day.Best WishesDaphne

Danni Baird

Tuesday 10th of September 2013

Oh wow girl! You have mastered that knitting loom for sure! Love the color and the ribbon finish! Beautiful and toasty! Nice job!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.