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Bathroom Makeover

A complete Bathroom Makeover turned our old pink master bathroom into a relaxing white and grey marble bathroom with green accents and a glass wall and door

Bathroom Makeover

I have not posted a lot lately and this master Bathroom Makeover of ours, is a huge reason why ! We picked each and every piece ourselves and only that takes time.

We also had our 30th wedding anniversary this month, hubby’s 50th birthday a couple of days ago AND my daughter’s wedding is next weekend. So…. busy, busy time for us these last few months.

Hubby did all the work himself. From ripping out all the old stuff straight down to replacing with new.

He also built the glass panel wall and door structure himself ! As well as the sand blasting of the glass. Building the wall/door and sand blasting was all new to him too, but I think it turned out just the way we wanted it to.

Not even mentioning the thousands we saved by buying the glass, building and sand blasting !

This is a photo heavy post, therefore I will keep chatting to the minimum 😉 

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Bathroom Makeover [Before]

The BEFORE photo … yes I feel your pain just looking at this ! No idea how we lived with this bathroom for so long.

I also only took the one photo as you can see everything at a glance. Actually, the bathroom was so small, I could not take a proper photo of the whole before we tore down the wall. (the wall separating the bathroom from the main bedroom)

Bathroom Makeover [added wall to enlarge bathroom]

Above you can see, on the far left, the original entrance to our main bedroom. We removed the door, built an L shaped wall and inserted a door as above.

The beige curtain on the right hung there (for some privacy) while we were busy with the bathroom. The bath stayed in place until we installed a new one. Same with the toilet.

This is also not the first time that we stole space from one room to enlarge another. See our Walk In Pantry as well !

Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom Makeover

As you enter the bathroom from the master bedroom above.

Bathroom Makeover

I decided on a wall hung, floating type vanity with a built-in basin. This creates storage underneath, and the drawer is quite big as well.

Bathroom Makeover

There are now space on both ends of the bath, which we did not have before we tore down the wall and enlarged the area.

Bathroom Makeover

The bath is one of the cheaper items we chose. As it is basically only me using it, I just wanted a plain, white and low bath.

I am not one for a fancy bath !  For one, I bath, get out and that’s it. White ? Because I can pair it up with any color and I do so love to change colors in a room.

As for the low part… well, I tend to get lots of dizzy spells, due to meds I am on, and the lower the bath, the less chance I have of falling. (which has happened several times over the years!)

Bathroom Vignette for basin top

When we started with the Bathroom Makeover, I did not really have an accent color in mind. But once I had seen the above hand wash, lotion and spray set, my mind was made up !

Green it is… and besides it is Summer here in South-Africa on the 1st of December. Such a fresh and flowery color. (also do keep an eye out for our master bedroom makeover, which is 98% done – the same green pattern will make a statement there as well!)

Bathroom Candle Decor

I think this candle and the holder are the only two items which I had, and did not buy new as with everything else in the bathroom.

Bathroom Makeover [extra towel rack]

An additional towel rail is always handy ! I hung a small succulent in a glass vase, but am not sure I am liking the ribbon color.

Bathroom Makeover with Heated Towel Rail

An item we splurged on, is the heated towel rail. I have always wanted one and the 3 bar is just right for me. Hubby showers in the bathroom just outside our bedroom. 

A Heated towel rail comes in very handy, because who does not like a soft, warm towel in Winter time after a bath ? And the rail also helps a bit with drying the towel/s.

Bathroom Makeover [robe holder]

Gotta have a robe holder ! I measured the correct distance from the window for the robe holder to also be able to hang a standard clothes hanger.

Bathroom Makeover [toilet / loo]

We also decided on a dual flush toilet as it is more eco-friendly in the sense of using less water. Way better than the old toilets which uses around 6 liters of water per flush.

Bathroom Makeover - marble wall tiles

The above photo is just about as close enough to the actual color of the marble wall tiles. Light can really play with a camera !

Bathroom Makeover - grey floor tiles

For the floor tiles, we chose a darker marble-ish grey color and I think it works perfectly with the white wall tiles. Ah, forgot I also kept my old (not trusting the thing!) bathroom scale. 

Conveniently under the vanity and not in my face every day !

Bathroom Makeover [light above basin vanity]

Above the basin mirror, we installed a light, which is actually an outdoors wall light. But it means the light is waterproof so no splurging on a vanity specific light, which can be costly.

Glass and more glass !

Bathroom Makeover [glass door knob]

Just had to have a glass door knob ! Especially since the door and wall panels are glass as well.

Bathroom Makeover with plant

We had my late dad’s plant (the last one he bought before he passed away in 2008) in the lounge. If you have read my post, Open Plan Lounge and Dining Room, you will see we had it there.

I do not think the plant was very happy there, and looks already in better shape than when it was in the lounge. Plants are also great to have in a bathroom.

Bathroom Makeover with sand blasted wall window and door

Right by the door and close to the bath spout, which is a good thing as now I will remember to water the plant regularly.

Bathroom Makeover - drop in basin vanity and mirror

Another view of the vanity. Think this is my favorite part of the bathroom. I just love the look of the vanity, mirror and accessories all together.

Bathroom Makeover - vignette and basin tap

Buying good quality taps will save you money in the long run, therefore we did not skimp on this. Also did not go overboard !

Bathroom Makeover with sandblasted glass wall and door

One thing I noticed about the sand blasted glass, it can really play on your eyes ! One minute it looks streaky (or dusty, only not to be), and then again it looks fantastic.

We had other plans for the wall/door and midway through the makeover, I changed my mind. Hubby had already laid the floor tiles and the laminated floor boards in the bedroom.

Therefore a tiny piece of the laminated flooring can be seen on the bathroom side. No biggie though, it does not bother us.

Bathroom Makeover - bath shelf

A Simple wall shelf to only hold the most essential goods next to the bath. Previously my bath was packed with all kinds of stuff I did not even use.

Bathroom Makeover - bath tap

We stuck to the same Amalfi design tap on the bath, as well as the same design for most of the other chrome accessories around the bathroom.

Bathroom Makeover - sand blasted glass wall panels and door from bedroom side in dark

The master bedroom is not quite done yet, but I wanted to include a photo of when it is dark in the bedroom and the light is on in the bathroom.

Bathroom Makeover - silver aluminum vertical blinds

This is about the best shot I could get of the aluminum vertical blind we bought. It is ready made and very inexpensive. Also so easy to clean !

Bathroom Makeover - only vanity light on

Only the light above the vanity is on in the above photo. Great to use when you only want to use the basin at night.

Bathroom Makeover - main light and vanity light on at night

Main light and the light above the vanity is switched on. You can see the colors playing around at night time, with no natural light.

Bathroom Makeover with heater, light and extractor fan

One more item we bought specifically (and had to hunt down stock!) – A 3-in-1 light, heater (4 bulbs) and an extractor fan.

Now during the warmer months the extractor fan is great to get rid of any humidity which builds up in the bathroom.

And let me tell you, those heater bulbs (can be set to two or four in the ON position), are HOT. Not just warm, but hot. And I can already tell I will enjoy my Winter time baths much more !

Bathroom Makeover at night with all lights on and heater bulbs

One last photo to show you how the heater bulbs change the overall color in the bathroom. During Winter it will not only heat the room, but instantly add a warmer glow as well.

Complete Bathroom Makeover ! With items we splurged on, saved money and must-haves in the bathroom #Bathroom #DIYBathroom #DIY #HomeImprovement #BathroomMakeover #BeforeAndAfterBathrooms

Well, this is our master bathroom done and now to finish the master bedroom !


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Complete Bathroom Makeover ! With items we splurged on, saved money and must-haves in the bathroom #Bathroom #DIYBathroom #DIY #HomeImprovement #BathroomMakeover #BeforeAndAfterBathrooms

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Jean | Delightful Repast

Tuesday 4th of December 2018

Sooo beautiful! You two did a great job. I think ALL bathroom fixtures should be white. I could not have lived with that pink, any more than I could live with the color in our bathroom when we first moved in. You're definitely going to enjoy this makeover! #MakeItPrettyMonday

Linda Nortje

Wednesday 5th of December 2018

Thank you so much Jean ! It was hard work, but I am now enjoying the bathroom thoroughly :-)

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