Malibu Coco-Cooler

Malibu Coco-Cooler

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome Dads and Grand Dads out there !  In celebration of this day I decided to treat my husband {and myself!} to a Malibu Coco-Cooler.

Both my Dad, and my Father-in-Law have long since passed away, but it still feels as if they are with us in spirit, especially on special days like today, Father’s Day.

I think both of them would have approved of my choice of drink to spoil my husband today, and although neither of them was into Malibu, or any Rum that I can remember, they would have enjoyed this refreshing tropical drink.

Malibu Coco-Cooler

We used to just call the Malibu Coco-Cooler, a Malibu and Coke, but have since learnt the proper name. I suppose if you leave out the Limes and Angostura Bitters, it is only a Malibu and Coke.

Malibu screams Summer to me and there are not many other drinks I find as tropical as Malibu. Always makes me feel I am on some island far, far away from this crazy world we live in.

Pity I can only have one at a time, and then also a very weak drink, but that makes me appreciate the flavor so much more. I like to use a straw and whilst sipping on the Coco-Cooler, use the straw to press into the Lime and thereby releasing even more of the bit of sourness that goes so wonderfully with the Malibu and the Coca-Cola.

The non-alcoholic version, which is my everyday drink really, is the John Lee Special – Coca-Cola with Lemon {or Lime!} and lots of ice !

Malibu Coco-Cooler

1 Serving


1/2 Fresh Lime, roughly chopped
1 Part Malibu Rum
2 Parts Coca-Cola
1/4 t Angostura Bitters



1.) Place the Lime and Rum in a tall glass – add the Coca-Cola and Angostura Bitters – use a spoon or even a fork and gently swirl while pressing very lightly on the Lime pieces.
2.) Fill up with Ice-Cubes – one final swirl and serve immediately.

Enjoy !

Malibu Coco-Cooler


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