Storage Drawers (DIY – Duct Tape Crafts)

Storage Drawers (DIY - Duct Tape Crafts)

We have finally started with my daughter’s actual bedroom (the rest is still a bit of a secret!) But for today’s post I am sharing a quick makeover I gave an old Storage Drawers Unit , using Duct Tape.

This Storage Unit is part of the deal of updating her bedroom, just not IN the bedroom… trust me on this πŸ˜‰

I have had this particular Unit for years in which I keep a lot of, mostly junk, but necessary papers etc as well. It used to be hidden under my desk, but since I no longer have a craft room, the desk moved and there is no space for this, but I do need to keep it around.

Storage Drawers (DIY - Duct Tape Crafts) ~ Update {and hide the content!} of a storage drawer in under an hour with Duct Tape #Storage #Crafts #DIY #DuctTape

Right, so if you recognized the Duct Tape, which I picked up at Builders Warehouse – the very same colors, it might be from these Storage Containers which I shared a couple of weeks ago.

All of this goes into one area and the recycled containers and the Storage Drawers are puling everything together.

With A Blast ~ Duct Tape Storage Containers

I kept the framework black as the shelves which are close to where I am putting this Storage Unit is black and one of the main colors in the room(s).

Storage Drawers (DIY - Duct Tape Crafts) ~ Update {and hide the content!} of a storage drawer in under an hour with Duct Tape #Storage #Crafts #DIY #DuctTape

Again not much to tell (Duct Tape really does it all for you!)

but a few pointers :

1.) After I wrappedΒ the Duct Tape all round the front, I used a craft knife and gently slit open where the handles are
2.) I then added small pieces of the alternate Duct Tape to the drawer handles to make them a little more visible
3.) Last but not least, working with a curve was childs play with the Duct Tape as it is a little stretchy (and definitely not as finicky as craft paper, which I first wanted to use!)

Storage Drawers (DIY - Duct Tape Crafts) ~ Update {and hide the content!} of a storage drawer in under an hour with Duct Tape #Storage #Crafts #DIY #DuctTape

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  1. Another great project Linda! Your storage containers were great and this is a perfect companion. Can't wait to see what you have up next! πŸ™‚

  2. Great idea! I can see where the curves could be an issue with regular paper, this certainly solves that problem.

  3. Linda I love, love, love this!! I have 4 of those little drawer things and I hate that you can see through them! I'm going to try to buy some pretty duct tape every time it's on sale! Thank you !

  4. How sweet! I have some drawers like that to hold some of my craft supplies and have been wondering how to pretty them up… now I know! Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. you did a great job of taking a plain plastic set of drawers and making it look so fun! Love it! I invite you to share at my Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop ( you can link up through Sat) Hugs

  6. Such a simple idea but it looks so effective! I've been itching to pick up some fancy duct tape and you may have just given me the perfect project!

  7. This is awesome!! I really like the colors you picked–I have a lot of these storage drawers around the house, and your project would make mine super cute!

    Thanks for linking up to our Betwitchin Party! Be sure to come back every Sunday starting at 6am EST over at to link up your projects again!

    ~Cathy Mini~

  8. Thanks for the cute inspiration – I have a little project where this will work perfectly. Stopping by from the Bewitchin party.

  9. Cute idea! These units are notorious for being shaky, flimsy and ugly. But if you have a plan for each of the darwers, don't overstuff them, and tie them in with the decor as you have done, they can be very useful. Kudos!

  10. Great idea, and I love the bright colours for a teenagers room. This is a great way to keep everything away but so much better than a boring looking chest of drawers! The kids can also revamp them as their tastes change.

    Thanks for sharing at Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning πŸ™‚

  11. What a great idea Linda. I was going to get some of these drawers but they are see through and thought lots of wires etc would look messy. You have gave me a great idea πŸ™‚
    Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays …

  12. Oh I love this idea! They look a thousand times cuter with the duct tape. Great idea. Thanks for sharing it with us on Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  13. WOW what an awesome job! Just simply I LOVE IT. Stopping by from Wake Up Wednesday "Linky" Party #28 Come see me sometime at

  14. Isn't Duck tape awesome. You did a really nice job making over the plastic storage drawers and storage containers. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  15. Hello, visiting from Turn Up Tuesday, my name is Ce Ce and I'm one of the Co Host this Month!!

    What a great way to fancy up some none fancy storage! Thanks for sharing!!

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  16. So cute! And I love that you can easily change it up if your decor changes. Thanks for sharing at The Caffeinated Crafters Link Party πŸ™‚

  17. I've never seen pretty duct tape before – thanks for the great idea! Now to hunt down some pretty duct tape..

  18. I have seen this done with the pretty paper on the inside and loved it. But this is just too easy!! Thanks for sharing. I am sooo doing this!

  19. I live in Europe and we don't have any of those pretty patterns and colors of duct tape but my sister sent me some beautiful tape at Xmas. Now I know what I will do with it!! Thanks for sharing. BTW- how many rolls of tape did you use for this project?

    1. Lisa, I used about 3 meters (around 120 inches ) of the pink tape and half ( 1 1/2 meters ) of the blue tape. I only did the fronts and around the corners, not the whole shelf, so when you pull out the shelf, one can still see through the clear parts on the sides – hope this helps, and have fun decorating yours !

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