Choc-Mint Dom Pedro

Choc-Mint Dom Pedro ~ Thick, chocolate/mint dessert drinks #DomPedro #AlcoholicDrinks #DessertDrink

This Choc-Mint Dom Pedro is a delicious alternative to a traditional Dom Pedro and one I might actually have more often, but I do not always have Peppermint Crisp chocolate bars in the pantry.

Whirling some Chocolate Sauce around the inner of the glass not only looks very good, but as you drink {or scoop} this drinking Ice-Cream delight, the Sauce settles to the bottom and by the end of your drink … mmm, delicious, Chocolate turned somewhat gooey.{you might need a long dessert spoon or just use your straw to dig it out !}

Choc-Mint Dom Pedro ~ Thick, chocolate/mint dessert drinks #DomPedro #AlcoholicDrinks #DessertDrink

Not everyone likes it as thick as a Dom Pedro should be, and in that case add a tablespoon or two of Milk or go crazy and add more Liqueur 😉

And to not let the kids feel left out, make theirs in a kid-friendly glass, but leave out the Liqueur and instead add Chocolate Sauce to the blender mix for some extra chocolate taste.


2 Servings


Chocolate Sauce
1 1/2 cups Vanilla Ice-Cream, slightly softened
4 TB Nachtmusik Chocolate Liqueur {or any other Chocolate Liqueur}
1/4 cup Peppermint Crisp, finely crushed


1.) Drizzle Chocolate Sauce on the inside of two glasses.
2.) Blend together the Ice-Cream, Liqueur and 3/4 of the Peppermint Crisp – pour into the glasses.
3.) Sprinkle the remaining Peppermint Crisp over.

Serve immediately.  {long dessert spoons and/or straws are highly recommended}

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  1. Ooo…this looks so good! It's so hot in SoCal and we always try to make cold drinks to cool us down. Thanks again for sharing with us on Merry Monday.

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