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I am usually an organized person – that is ” I know where {abouts} my stuff is”, but lately everything seems to be all over the place.  Now, look at this following photo and let me know if this looks familiar !
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Yep, this is some of my gadgets and so on, which I use daily {or I should say – ALL DAY}, therefore it has to be close to me, but … do you know how quickly a small flashdrive can disappear?  The other day the housekeeper picked one up and asked me whether it was empty and could she throw it away !!??!! Really, I nearly burst an artery – she thought it was some sort of lip balm, and as she couldn’t see anything inside, it would have ended in the trash, was I not in the room at the time.
There and then I decided that, at least my gadgets I use for my blog, has to be more organised and not just thrown on the closest side table.

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I started with a piece of stretch denim fabric and cut a piece of 30cm {12″} X 40cm {16″} – sorry no pic.
Above I have already folded the fabric in half and ironed the fold nicely into place.

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I then sewed a seam all around the rectangle and folded the bottom half {which will be the side with the dividers} once again – this section is now around 10cm {4″} from bottom to the original center fold ironed.

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Above you can see better what I mean.
 I placed my most used gadgets on the fabric and made very light marks { X } on how wide the dividers should be – ironed them into place {to make sewing easier} I allowed a little on each divider to ease folding {rolling} up when done. 
If you are curious what my most used blog gadgets are – from left to right 1) External Internet USB 2) Flashdrive with all my downloaded e-books – crafts & recipes 3) Another one, but this one stores each and every photo of my blog – ONLY photos 4) Alternative External Internet USB 5) Cheap cellphone I use to re-charge my airtime for the Internet USB’s 6) And of course a small calculator. 
Also, I placed my goodies to the top, because some of these are quite small and to try “dig” them out of a narrow divider would drive me crazy! {see next pic}

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So, now I have sewed the dividers which is marked X – the actual dividing section
The O indicates where I sewed a “shorter” divider for the smaller gadgets in order for them not slipping to the bottom and safe me from digging them out.
On the far left I kept a large pocket open for future gadgets or something I might already have and just forgot about.

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The flap was sewed and the corners cut down a bit.

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Some prettying up – I used one of my favorite stencils and painted two roses in a yellowish-gold color – ironed it between paper to set the paint.

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Last but not least – I added a bright yellow cord to the back of my organizer
{Best to first roll up and then check to see where you need to sew the cord onto the fabric}

With A Blast: Blogging Gadgets Organizer   #sewing  #crafts  #storage #organization

With A Blast
And Done !

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You can make this any size and customize to suit your gadgets.
How or where do you store your everyday gadgets ? Let me know !
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  1. So creative and clever. You have to watch those housekeepers. You know what they say, One mans trash is another man's treasure. We must guard our blogging treasures. Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do at his Weekend?

    Wishes for tasty dishes,
    Linda @ Tumbleweed Contessa

  2. What a nice idea. I know I could use something like this for sure! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I have to ask Linda, what is the calculator for? I should really store all of my photos on an external drive!!! Wow, I am so unorganized that I don't even have these toys to organize 🙂 I will have to work on that!

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