3D Butterfly Side-Table

With A Blast: DIY 3D Butterfly Side-Table      #diy   #crafts   #furniturepainting
I have been wanting to paint this table for the last couple of months, but somehow, something else was pushed to the front of my diy line.
We bought a 3 piece entertainment center many years ago, and the store had a special going at the time – if you spent a certain amount, you could choose something to a value determined by them. Seeing as we had no coffee or side tables then, we chose a set comprising of 1 x coffee table and 2 x side tables, of which the above is one of those side tables  {not sure where the other side table is, but I still have the coffee table somewhere…}
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This is how the side table looked like before – we still used it, but it was sort of “hidden” between two couches
With A Blast: 3D Butterflies {paper}
I forgot to take a photo of painting the table – but basically, I just painted the whole table in this blue – above photo shows the 3 different size butterflies, which I cut out of flowery, thickish paper and folded a little to give a 3D effect – it looked a little bare and I added 3 fabric flat flowers, which I cut from a piece of ribbon. The butterflies and flowers are held into place by small pieces of Prestik, should I want to change this.
With A Blast: DIY 3D Butterfly Side-Table     #diy   #crafts   #furniturepainting
Finally, I stuck 4 rubber protectors, one per corner, on the table and placed a 6mm thick piece of glass over {I had the glass cut to size}
Now, all I need to do, when I am in the mood for something different, is lift up the glass and change the butterflies to whatever I want !
With A Blast: Before/After 3D Butterfly Side Table   #diy   #crafts   #furniturepainting
A last look at the Before and After.
Let me know what you think about this or alternatives {for the future of course!} for the butterflies/flowers.
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18 thoughts on “3D Butterfly Side-Table”

  1. What a transformation Linda! You did an awesome job. The blue, my favourite colour, is lovely and of course butterflies always add beauty to everything.

  2. gosh that's so pretty linda. I love the blue colour it's truly gorgeous and I don't normally go for blue 🙂
    The butterflies will keep you smiling right through winter xo

  3. I sure like your table a whole lot better painted the light blue. Guess I'm just very over the type of finish your table had originally. Wonderful job refinishing, makes it look more up to date. Happy holiday weekend

  4. What an amazing transformation!!! You could even change out the butterflies for each different season. I think all oak tables should be painted a pretty color, they look so much nicer:)

  5. Linda this is MARVELOUS!!! So many goodies can be displayed under there! LOVE IT!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality last week! Looking forward to partying with you again tomorrow evening!

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