Desk Caddy & Tray Spray Painted

Desk Caddy and Tray Spray Painted ~ Yes, you can spray paint plastics too ! And make a one-piece Desk Caddy to fit in with your new color scheme #SprayPainting #Crafts #DeskCaddy
Dimitri’s new room is coming along in bits and pieces, but we are slowly getting somewhere.  He has spent a lot of money already on new laminate flooring, which Roy installed, as well as paint and all kinds of stuff needed to make the room more him, for lack of a better word !
Anyhow, most things, can be build or as in this post – spray painted.  I know a desk caddy and a letter tray are not that expensive, but why buy anything new, when you have something which is not being used, or in the case of the caddy – recycle some cans.
So here is what I started with:
My old {hardly used !} letter tray – dusty but still in good shape, bar the one tray which were cracked.
First, I removed the trays, disassembled the blue frame {each tray holder slips into the one above}, and removed the clip-on blue handles.

I then spray painted the handles, using Rust-O-Leum for plastics {pic above} and the framework{sorry, forgot to take a pic!}, which were all blue, in red – I gave all of the parts a double coat with about 30 minutes in between coats.
The broken tray and handle were left out when I assembled the “new” red desk tray {I am sure the broken stuff will be used somehow again!!}
Now this was the simple part – everyone has by now re-purposed / re-cycled or re-whatever tin cans {It’s not my first time as well…}
For the desk caddy, I wanted something a little different than just a few painted {up-cycled} cans. I wanted a caddy which forms ONE unit – all together, one piece…
Above is what I used {the one can did not work, so I used a different one as seen in the first photo}:
3 – Cans … different, sizes
1 – old table place mat … perfect for a desk as it will not scratch the table top
Not in pic :
3 – Screws

Black Spray Paint
White Paint
Red Spray Paint

First, Roy spray painted the top of the place mat black – I painted a white border around it {just to make a small difference as this will be used on a black desk}

Second, I taped and sprayed the three cans red

Lastly, to make the whole caddy ONE unit, we adhered the cans to the place mat, using screws {which Roy cut off and grinded the bottom pieces, so as to not scratch the desk}.

Two pieces – small – but zero money  {all the paint are leftovers from previous projects}.

We are busy with many small and large projects/crafts for this room,,,,, so be ready for lots of posts containing Black, White and RED !

Desk Caddy and Tray Spray Painted ~ Yes, you can spray paint plastics too ! And make a one-piece Desk Caddy to fit in with your new color scheme #SprayPainting #Crafts #DeskCaddy

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  1. I have that caddy and I really wished it came in a different colour – didn't think to try spray paint! Will have to pin this for future reference.

    Visiting from Earning my Cape.

    Angela @ A Typical English Home

  2. Hi Linda,

    What a great idea to personalize your caddy! They never have the color I want. Thanks so much for sharing at Transformed Tuesday.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

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