Desk Chair Make-Over

This was a quick and easy project, which was not even planned for today, or for that matter, even in my mind when I woke up this morning!
All it took was some fabric paint and a piece of stretchy denim material and it is good as new. Some of you know that Dimitri is moving to the room with a small bathroom in our yard.  He wants some privacy and I suppose he is old enough to “move out of the house”, so to speak!
Him and Stephanie did some planning, and asked me to help built and plan.  Now,,, I can come up with the weirdest plans, which of course, Roy has to execute most of the time.  But, I am proud to say, today’s little project was so easy, I did it all on my lonesome, while Roy did some “executing” which means building and painting stuff.
More to follow on the room’s progress in a later post though.
This desk chair was on it’s way out – after me first using it to study, then crafting, followed by the kids using it throughout most of their school years – yes, it certainly did it’s job

The seat cover was full of stains, craft paint, glue and just generally tired-looking

The backrest also had seen better days

But overall, the framework are still perfect, only a scratch here and there – the seat {besides the cover} is still soft and spongy.  The lining at the bottom of the seat did come loose in two places and I fixed that with the staple gun.
I had a little black fabric paint left, but it was just enough to give the seat fabric two or three coats – I applied this with a roller sponge, as one does not use that much paint and only needs a light hand {very light here, as I did not want to soak the seat sponge} After waiting for it to dry, I placed a clean piece of paper over the painted area, the full seat, and sealed the paint by ironing it a couple of times. {soon as the stores open after the long weekend I want to get some more black fabric paint and give the seat another coat or two}
The next photo is of a decorative cushion I made about two years ago and had forgotten about  {I tend to make lots of stuff for no reason, stash it and forget I made it!} 
I first went through my many, many fabrics, but could not find red stretch denim, only blue and yellow {and the accent color in the room will be red}
Then I went to the garage where more of my craft stuff are kept  {actually, I have a lot of goodies – only realized that today}
This was the one side of the cover – with a button and an iron-on flower – but the only piece of red stretch denim I had and seeing as I actually forgot about the cushion .. well, why not cut it and use the piece as a new backrest {it needed to be a strong and stretch fabric as one tends to lay back a lot when working or studying} The button was easy to remove, but the iron-on was horrible to get off – I did finally, but some of the glue just would not let go!

Anyhow, I started up my sewing machine and made a new backrest – the white stripe in the middle was painted with fabric paint {and sealed using the iron again} to cover the glue I could not get off.

You will notice that the color {red} looks different – I blame it on daytime and nighttime photography and if there is one thing I can not photograph, it is the color red, whether it is fabric or vegetables !

The photo resembling the real color best, is the first {after photo} which is also the last photo on this post.

And I thought it would be fun to paint his initial onto the back {also with fabric paint}
If you are curious as to why I used white – the room is painted light grey, the pieces Roy and I are constructing are black {as per Dimitri’s “order”} and some of his other furniture and bedding is black and white.

So, one thing done for the day !

Roy reckons the white stripe looks a bit medical and I actually had that same feeling, so I’ll see what Dimitri thinks, otherwise I’ll simply change it up a bit.
Another project that cost me {or Dimitri} zero money. I am hoping we can finish at least two more things in the room tomorrow which I will share with you as it is completed – and lastly {hopefully soon, the full room reveal}
Ciao for now
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  1. Sometimes the best projects are the ones you did not know you were going to do when you awakened! Turned out great — and zero cost is even better! Thanks so much for linking on Busy Monday!

  2. LOVE the update!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality! I’m looking forward to seeing what you link up tomorrow evening!

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