Easy Beef Lasagna

Absolutely delicious ! An easy, basic recipe for Beef Lasagna #Pasta #EasyRecipe #Lasagna

Easy Beef Lasagna is one of the, very few, dinner meals we most often repeat on our monthly menu. The kids loved the Lasagna since they were little and it is still their favorite as grown ups.

I have tried numerous Lasagna recipes ( specifically with Ground Beef ), over the years, but this recipe is and will always be the number one choice.

When we just got married, many, many moons ago, I worked full time, even after the kids were born, and I did not have a lot of time trying out many recipes which I thought up myself. But, back in those days, cook books were huge and I started my collection.

If not for those books, my family may just have had to survive on cereal ! Just kidding, I wasn’t all that bad, but cooking never used to interest me, strange how life turns out, right ? Now I actually blog about food, and I experiment by making up my own recipes.

Tomorrow is D day – my son’s wisdom teeth (all 4 and 2 others !) extraction.  I was fine until yesterday (I thought !), when I really started stressing – I do not like the idea of anesthesia. Fortunately, hubby could shuffle his clients and he can go with us.

I have never left my kids alone in a hospital – not even one minute, one of us were always there – and even though my son is 20, he is still my little boy and my daughter is still our baby-girl.

Absolutely delicious ! An easy, basic recipe for Beef Lasagna #Pasta #EasyRecipe #Lasagna

So, tonight we will take it easy, I have made the all favorite Beef Lasagna, which is also one of the most comforting foods ever ! I would say it is a very fitting meal tonight, me stressing ( not sure whether my son actually stresses about tomorrow ), it is a cold Winter’s night in South-Africa and besides, I love an easy dinner recipe !

Absolutely delicious ! An easy, basic recipe for Beef Lasagna #Pasta #EasyRecipe #Lasagna


Saute the Onion, Pepper and Garlic in the Oil until soft

Add the Ground Beef and stir through

Cook until Beef is done

Combine the Tomato Paste, Sugar and boiling Water – add to the meat

Stir through and simmer uncovered for 5 minutes

Add the Oregano, Seasoning, Black Pepper and Chutney – simmer another minute

All ready to be layered

1/3 of the White Sauce on the base of the oven dish – arrange Lasagna sheets over

Followed by half the Meat mixture

Another 1/3 of the White Sauce and repeat the layers ending with a layer of White Sauce
Sprinkle over the Cheese and continue the recipe Instructions as below
NOTE: I have used this 30 minute “waiting” period since the first time I made Lasagna – no need to cook the sheets first and also not an oven on for ages. The sheets soften in the White sauce and Meat mixture during the 30 minutes and cook completely soft in the 25 minutes in the oven.

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Easy Beef LasagnaAbsolutely delicious ! An easy, basic recipe for Beef Lasagna #Pasta #EasyRecipe #Lasagna

Serve with a dinner roll and a side salad or two.

Absolutely delicious ! An easy, basic recipe for Beef Lasagna #Pasta #EasyRecipe #Lasagna

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  1. Hello.
    Visiting from Kathe's blog hop.

    With all these blog parties, do you sleep? LOL
    I love beef, but we don't have it often because my wife doesn't like red meat. Just yesterday we had chicken lasagna for dinner. I had leftovers for my lunch today at work. It was delicious. Thanks for sharing.

    E is for: The Eyes Of Life

  2. Linda,
    This lasagna looks delicious! We love a good beef lasagna around here. Hopefully all went well with Dimitri's teeth. My daughter had hers out in January. Not fun. Thanks for sharing at Creative Thursday this week.


    1. Thanks Michelle – all had gone well with Dimitri, but good gracious..! .. did he sound like a sailor when he woke up .. and this is my child that does not like to use swear words..lol. Have a great weekend,

  3. It does me no good to look at link parties when I'm hungry because now I'm starved, lol. This looks delicious =) Thoughts with you and Dimitri.

    Visiting from Shaken Together

    1. Kristin, I hear you – that is the ONLY problem I have with link parties .. I'm always hungry/drooling! Dimitri has healed up nicely without any problems, thank you for your thoughts.

  4. Hope you are having a great weekend and thank you so much for sharing your awesome recipe with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  5. Hi Linda,
    Did you at least have fun with the snow. I live in Denver, sometimes we get a lot of snow and sometimes just a little. It is always nice if we don't have to go anywhere. At first when I was reading your post, I was thinking "wait it's summer" then I realized where you were. I hope your son's oral surgery went okay. Thank you for linking this post with Wednesdays Adorned From Above last week.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above
    P.S. I love your dogs

    1. Agh, the snow was such a little, as soon as it hit the ground, it melted away. Dimitri's surgery went very well, thanks (and these 2 doggies are just part of a clan of 5 – we adore dogs!)

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