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May 20, 2013

Old Fashioned Jam Meringue Cookies

With A Blast : Old Fashioned Meringue Cookies {4 ingredients}

I have a huge old Tupperware square container packed with recipe books, magazines, cut-outs and handwritten recipes, which belonged to my late Mom and most of it was given to her by my Granny on my Dad's side.

My Mom was an orphan, so she mainly had my Granny  to help her with cooking and baking, but somehow she never seemed all that interested and mostly my Dad did the cooking.  Mom was also English {very English!} and when I'd gone through some of the recipes, I noticed that 99% were Afrikaans, which of course was my Granny's language.

Anyhow, I could see she made notes, some in English, others in Afrikaans, so at some point she definitely made some of these recipes. I only lived with my parents from age 11 - 17 and during that time she had a full time job and was more work orientated anyway.

But, I'd like to show you the little book where I found this recipe - it must be decades old, as it is very yellowed, obviously used a lot, and even the cover feels old and almost like an oil cloth {not oily, but you know what I mean!}  Most of the recipes are written in a way as if whoever read it, should know at least the basics of cooking/baking.  There are also a lot of words and phrases in Afrikaans which has fallen away over the last few decades and I struggled to understand many of them - not good for someone proud to be an Afrikaans speaking person!

Okay, basically, this little book was written to help the busy housewife - the title in Afrikaans IN 'N KITS means roughly "Quick" and then it goes on to explain on the front page RESEPTE VIR HAASTIGE HUISVROUENS which means as I said above "Recipes For The Busy Housewife".

Even so, the recipe I chose to make, had an ingredient on the list - Short Crust Pastry, with a reference to a recipe elsewhere in the book - now, we all know, nowadays, you can buy frozen Pastry and that's exactly what I did {of course!} - think all the ladies who used this book during those earlier days would really have been amazed at what is available now!

With A Blast : Old fashioned Recipe book

See - this book is OLD and has been used many, many times !

Right, now after I have just about written my own book - let's get on with the recipe - after all that's why you are here!


{makes 24 - 30 cookies, depending on the cut}

1 Roll Frozen Short-Crust Pastry, defrosted
1/2 - 1 cup Jam  {I used Strawberry}
2 Extra-Large Egg Whites
4 TB Caster Sugar

1.) Pre-heat the oven to 200 deg C (400 deg F) - line a baking sheet with baking paper - let the sides hang over slightly.
2.) Roll out the Pastry - place on the baking sheet - prick a few times using a fork and bake 15 minutes - remove from oven.
3.) Heat the Jam a little {to make spreading easier} - spread over the half-baked pastry.
4.) Beat the Egg Whites until foamy - add the Caster Sugar and beat until thick - spoon over the Jam.
5.) Bake a further 10 - 15 minutes - keep an eye on the top as the Egg White browns quickly.

Remove - cool completely and slice into bars or squares.

Hope you enjoy this oldie !

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  1. Yum! (I'm digging around here for a bread recipe. I've tried making it 3 times & it's not right yet.)

  2. Oh wow! What a cool old cook book to have! Having it come from family makes it even more special! The cookies certainly look delicious and quick!

  3. What a treasure, Linda! I have a "thing" for old cookbooks. Your cookies are easy and I bet so tasty - that's what I look for in a cookie :)

  4. Hi, Linda. I bought a printed out neighborhood cookbook this weekend at a tag sale and thought that was a great find. But you have a true find!! Have a great memorial Day. Your friend, Linda

  5. Love your recipes...they are quick, easy and delicious. These look yummy!


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