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April 16, 2013

2 Ideas For Leftover Puff-Pastry

During the week, I usually make a daily list of groceries we need for that particular day and sometimes for the next day.  I, myself, only go to the supermarket on Friday afternoons.

Therefore, either Roy or one of the kids will get my daily ingredients {this is usually fresh produce and meat}. The other day, I had a roll of Puff Pastry on the list, now normally, one standard roll is just enough for whatever I am making.  This particular day, Roy had come back with a double size Puff-Pastry as there were no standard sizes in store and the double size was on special, anyway.

It would have been okay, if the pastry had come in two separate rolls, because then you can remove and defrost one and keep the other frozen, but this one was one huge roll and I had to defrost the whole thing.

I hate wasting, really I do, there are so many people going hungry and for me to throw away any food is just a sin. Totally against my beliefs.

So, this is how I used the leftovers {with whatever I had on hand}:


Roll out the Puff Pastry - spread with melted Butter - sprinkle over Parmesan cheese {the almost powdered kind} - some Paprika and Garlic Powder {or fresh}

Cut the pastry into thin strips, twist and turn and bake according to the instructions on the packet.


Roll out the Puff Pastry - spread with melted Butter - sprinkle over Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

In the above pic, I tried something different than the twist-n-turn - I folded the pastry over - spreading more melted Butter between folds - and repeated this step {do not make it too thick} - cut into squares or fingers and bake as per the instructions on the packet.

I am sure everyone has a secret to using up leftover {or not leftover!} puff pastry and I would love to hear about your recipes or how you use them.  Leave a comment or if you have a link to a recipe, please share in the comments as well !  I would love to check them all out as I am a puff-pastry addict {shouldn't be, but I am...}


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  1. Hi Linda!
    This is a great idea. I love recipes to use of the leftovers.

    Would you consider sharing this at Tuesdays with a Twist? (no rules)

  2. Thats a great idea, I never have any idea I usually put jam and cream on it for the kids

  3. Great idea, pinning this :)

    Angela @ A Typical English Home


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