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March 17, 2013

Old PC Stand Converted

Autumn started on the 1st March and I was looking for a better place to keep our gas heater.  Our South-African weather does not really warrant the expense of a fireplace. Of course I absolutely love a crackling fire and the coziness that goes with it, but really to spend thousands on a fireplace or any of those new smart looking heaters, to use for around 6 weeks a year, does not appeal to me.

So, where to start?  I googled for a day or two trying to find some kind of cover for our gas heater... no luck, but I was picky during my search as well.  I wanted to move the heater to a more permanent spot, {Winter time - Summer I have different ideas there!} as we have always wheeled the heater from this side of the lounge to that side, and it was taking up space. After looking around the house to see if I can find something suitable, I decided that our old PC Stand which was on one side of the dining room, together with my desk, was not really needed - there and then my design started to form!  {And, I might add, more ideas for some other pieces of furniture, which I have already started on}

First - the BEFORE photo :

Heater on the left - always being wheeled around the lounge - pink window panels must go! I love glass, but that stand shows every single wire behind {and to the side} The front 2 surround sound system speakers also look a bit lost

Real ugly right?! This had to be sorted out before a fire truck was needed ...

So sorry for the bad photo - I can never get good photos in the dining room - See the ?? Right, you can guess what's missing there!  The PC Monitor! yep, apparently Dimitri took it over to Stephanie for some or other reason - does not really bother me, as I only use my laptop and rarely ever use anything in the tiny office area ... my desk is to the right, messy as usual

I'm rambling - back to the PC Stand !  The PC box, and everything to do with the PC must be moved to Cheri's room - I see there are two telephone directories ... mm, can not even remember when last I used one, that can go to the garbage, files at the bottom = my notes on various crafts and I think one is filled with craft supplier products and prices - the baskets, not sure what are in those, but I have another spot for them - the DVD's and CD's ... I am busy with a new space for them - so, the stand is not needed any longer.

The bottom piece is what I am interested in today - we {okay, Roy did!} disassembled the whole thing - I gave him some sizes and a rough sketch of what I wanted - off he went and cut the pieces needed.

Arrow = more or less what I asked for {I changed my mind about 10 3 or 4 times - This photo is really to show you what a DIY blogger house {mine anyway...} looks like when I am crafting, whether it is something small, medium or large - I can get the house messy in no time at all {maybe if I had a craft room ..., no,,,, doubt it will look any better!

Checking whether it is a fit, before I start spray painting .. perfect - A = we used countersunk screws, and wood glue to fasten the top and for the side shelves we used something similar to dowel sticks as well as wood screws - B = we added wood trim fastened with small nails and more wood glue.

I then took it outside, spray painted the whole stand with Rust-O-Leum  spray-paint {for Wood, Metal & Plastic - color Dark Gray} then sanded it down a little here and there .. actually only until my arm felt as if it was on fire, broken fingernails and blisters, but I was satisfied.

A Closer look ! 

Other things we changed in this specific area, the TV is now straight on the wall, I removed the window panels {never really liked them}, but we had to get some kind of cover as you can see in the BEFORE photo, the sun really gets into the lounge and it being right next to the TV was no good - I bought a small roll of wall paper and covered the insides of the window {a light grey color with tiny darker grey spots} - we also added the same trim, just a little wider to the small sills and to the top of the windows, to sort of tie in the whole square area.

The "grooves" seen on the paper is the actual glass which is groovy - and this was now the perfect place for the two front speakers as well.

Small problem with the bases of the speakers - they were too big to fit into the sill openings!  Roy quickly solved that ... made two new bases, spray painted with a gloss black and Voila!  the speakers fit nicely into the spaces.

We were midway {or more like 10% done} when I took this photo - the bookcase and the general area around it, is next !!!

I have decided to add teal or another shade of blue to the lounge, as it is mostly grey, silver and glass. All the extras, will be pieces I can chop-and-change as the mood strike me - for the teal/blue I will add things like small decor pieces and couch cushions.

For this part to be finished, I am so glad - it looks more "together" as a unit  ... 

Over and out and on to the next project !!


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  1. Oh it's kind of like a mantle! Great idea!

  2. Great job, Linda! Thanks for sharing with us this week at the Monday Funday link party!

    Take care,


  3. What a cool solution! Thanks for linking it up to Monday Funday!

  4. Oh, heck, that's NEAT compared to mine when I'm crafting and even when I'm not crafting I've got the craft stuff all over so that I can get inspired. Sometimes it helps to have stuff around and then you put things together that you ordinarily wouldn't. Is that good rationalization or what? ha ha Thanks for coming over and being part of the party. Linda

  5. GReat idea well executed! Isn't amazing how one little change dominoes into a bunch of changes? Looks great! Thanks for sharing on Busy Monday!

  6. Hi Linda,
    Very clever solution and it turned out great! Thank you for joining us at Transformed Tuesday this week.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  7. Very clever! I love being able to repurpose. :)

  8. Wow. That's quite something else. You are so talented! Thank you so much for linking it up with us. We love it! Are you coming to show us something new again today? A fresh linky party will open today in about one hour.... ~ Rose.

  9. Looking fantastic, well done, I love what you did with the stand!! Thanks so much for sharing on Tutorial Thursdays. Look forward to seeing you again this week.

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  11. Thanks for stopping by and linking up an awesome project. Stop by again soon!

    Have a great week!


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