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November 11, 2012

Pearl & White Earrings

These are so adorable, even if I say so myself! See how the light is playing on the small pieces.. This took me less than 20 minutes to make, and I will show you how.

I had gone to the haberdashery to get some ribbon and other goodies for an upcoming gift-wrap ideas post, but I can get lost in that store... Roy reckons it's more like a visit to the owners and the people working there as I always take so long. Oh, but they have the cutest stuff, from fabrics, some beading and all knitting and crocheting supplies, to ribbons and general crafting goods.

Anyhow, I can not walk past the stand where they have their small ribbons, iron-on motifs, tiny silk roses and so much more. I found this clasp, oh yeah, it WAS a clasp on this very stand. {there might be another name for it, but I know it is being used as a clasp on certain clothing pieces}

In the pic above is everything you need to make a pair :

- Top: Cord/pearl type clasp
- Small piece of thin beading wire (I used 0.4mm) 
- 2 Drop Pearl beads
- 2 Earring hoops

This is what I did:

1.) I cut off the loop/catch pieces at the top of the pieces
2.) Thread the wire through the center top "flower piece" creating a loop
3.) Twist the shorter side of the wire around the longer piece as shown in the pic
4.) Push the drop pearl bead down the wire, closing the twisted piece
5.) Add an earring hoop to the wire - push it down to the pearl
6.) Twist/turn the wire around itself a couple of times to secure - cut off any excess and make sure there are no sharp pieces sticking out{a normal pair of scissors works fine in clipping the wire}

20 Minutes later you will have a cute pair of earrings - easy as that.

Look for anything interesting and use it !  Diamonds are still my choice of course ... but well, we work with what we have and it is not as if diamonds are lying around everywhere - not even in South-Africa........

Get your playthings out and get creative !


  1. What a great way to create a pair of unique earrings. They are very pretty.

  2. These are so cute and so easy to make.

  3. What a great idea. These are very pretty! I appreciate you sharing this on "I Gotta Try That Monday"

  4. Linda,
    These turned out super cute! Great tutorial :)

  5. Wonderful idea and quick project - thanks for sharing. Joining from Inspire me Monday -

  6. Hi, i'm your newest follower via Tell Me Tuesday, would love if you could come by and follow back?

  7. Those are so pretty! You are so crafty!

  8. They did turn out so cute, very nice!

  9. So pretty and clever! Another one of your amazing projects! Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent.

  10. You are very creative. Very beautiful pair of earrings:)

  11. Wow, those are very cool looking! They make awesome earrings. Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  12. Nice job with the earings,
    Thanks for sharing on Tutorial Thursdays.

  13. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing at MightyCrafty Mondays!

  14. These earrings are beautiful! You did an amazing job.
    Thanks so much for linking up at Artsy Corner!

  15. You have shared such a wonderful earrings, and I am glad to see it because this is so rare. If we are talking about its beauty then we will find its amazingly design, so thank you for sharing.

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