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November 24, 2012

Kid's Felt Cutlery Mat {no-sew}

Especially for Christmas!  This serves as a place card as well as a place where the kids can put down their dirty knives and forks, because we all know, kids do not like to place the dirties onto the plate.  No matter how many times you tell them, and when it is party/celebratory time, they have friends and out goes all the stuff you try to teach them every day.

It only takes a few minutes to make one, is cheap enough to throw away afterwards, so... go through with it - make some and you will not have to struggle with stains the day after ..{Right, I can not promise that, because even adults can get messy around a party table..}

I chose a Santa Boot as it is easy to draw and besides for the little "foot-piece", the mats are narrow enough not to take up too much space on the table.

The two different ones I made:

Only slight variations were made between these two {Guess who loved watching Heidi as a child..}

Cut your chosen shape with a decorative edge {I used my zig-zag scissors} out of felt - the names can be written on or if you do not have a nice handwriting, as in my case, use a stencil or be more creative and cut the letters or initials from felt as well - cut any other decorations from felt or ribbon and glue to the main shape using fabric glue.

This is 1st Grade stuff - get the kids involved to help you, and whilst you are at it, tell them the mats are specially made for them (or by them) to keep their cutlery in the right place, when not on the plate or in their hands. Kids like when something has their name on and are more likely to use it !

Be creative - make tall/narrow Christmas trees with some round or starry shapes glued on - and remember the child's name.

I bought a bunch of some felt, in various colors - expect some more crafts made out of felt soon again !

Bye-bye now,

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  1. Really great idea, in fact one I think I'll do for this Christmas pinning it

  2. Love this! The kids will enjoy it so much. Loved and pinned. Thanks for sharing at MightyCrafty Mondays.


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