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June 18, 2012

Decadent Chocolate Cake

Anyone watch the Rugby Saturday ?  In South Africa Rugby is HUGE ! Really, when our provincial teams play against each other or in a Series like the Super Rugby (4 teams each of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia), you stand by your team. Mine of course is the Blue Bulls - as I said in a previous post, always has been and always will be !

But ... enter the world of International Rugby ... all (well, most {whink} ) South Africans stand together. Suddenly the provincial team players you hated last week, are now the BEST. This past Saturday the Springboks (see my badge on my profile pic !) won the second of three matches against England. Great stuff, there are a lot of new players, new combinations etc, but we'll climb our way to the very top again. That's the way in the Rugby World in South Africa.

Anyhow, you must be wondering why all the rugby talk ?  Because we have a cookbook called "Springbok Kitchen" where old and new players show their way in the kitchen. Yes, this cake recipe is from none other than our fast, very experienced wing Bryan Habana.

I've made it several times and it is DELICIOUS - and exactly what the name says - "Decadent".

4  Layers with different Fillings !

Decadent Chocolate Cake

very slightly adapted by me from this cookbook "Springbok Kitchen"

1 cup Cake Flour
2 TB Cocoa Powder
2 t Baking Powder
1 cup Castor Sugar
1/2 cup Canola Oil (I used Sunflower Oil)
1/2 cup Boiling Water
4 Extra-Large Eggs, separated
1 t Baking Powder 

1 can (360g) Caramel Condensed Milk
3 TB Apricot Jam
2 TB Coconut (I use fine)
4 cups Icing Sugar, sifted
1/4 cup Cocoa Powder
250g Butter, room temperature (I used Margarine)
about 5 TB Water
Cherries and Toasted Flaked Almonds for decorating

1.) Pre-heat oven to 180 deg C (350 deg F) - Spray 2 x 20cm diameter cake pans with Spray 'N Cook and line the bottoms with baking paper.
2.) Combine the Cake Flour, Cocoa Powder, Baking Powder and Castor Sugar. Mix the Oil and Water and add to the dry ingredients. 
3.) Whisk the Egg Yolks and add to the mixture - mixing well.
4.) Beat the Egg Whites with the extra 1 teaspoon Baking Powder until stuff. Gently fold into cake batter.
5.) Divide the mixture between the two prepared pans and bake 20 - 25 minutes until spongy when touched.
6.) Remove from pans, let cool on wire rack and then cut each cake in half (you will now have 4 layers - they're quite thin, but the fillings must still be added).
7.) Mix the Caramel condensed milk and Apricot jam together. Divide the mixture into two and add the Coconut to one half. Sift the Icing sugar and Cocoa powder together. Cream the Butter and slowly add the Icing mixture - add the water and beat in (a little more or less can be used)

*****To Assemble: Place the bottom layer of cake on a plate - Spread with a quarter of the Icing/Cocoa mixture. Place another layer of cake on top and spread with the Caramel/Coconut mixture. Place the third layer on top and spread with another quarter of Icing/Cocoa mixture. Place the last layer of cake on top and spread with the Caramel/Jam mixture. Use the remaining Icing/Cocoa mixture to ice the sides of the cake. Finally decorate with Cherries and Almond flakes*****

The longer this cake stand - the better it gets. I always try to make it a day before, but the cake rarely makes it to the following day !

Enjoy - and let me know whether you're a supporter of Rugby or if you're  following this sport at all.



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  1. I'm from NZ so I understand about the rugby. Go thr AB's. Have a good week. Don't eat the whole cake at once, now.

  2. Hi I am not a Rugby fan but a chocolate fan and you definitely got my attention. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. It looks wonderful, and I like the filling recipe - very interesting!

  4. Wow, that looks amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    Stopping by from the All Star Block Party.

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    I would love to have anything that you would like to link.
    Debi Bolocofsky
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    1. So are you a goddess or what!!! This looks amazing, you have carmel and chocolate together. Thanks for linking with Adorned From Above.

  6. Your cake looks and sounds delicious! :)

  7. It look so yummy! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party!


  8. Oh my goodness! 4 layers of yumminess! Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  9. oh yum...this looks fabulous! thank you!

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  11. I feel myself gaining weight just reading your blog! HAHAHAH! I love it!


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  13. Yum yum yum! This looks so good. Thanks so much for sharing on Tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you next week.

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  16. Looks great! Thank you for sharing on Thursday's Treasures Week 39. I hope you will join again each week. <3 and hugs!

  17. Everything looks delicious about this cake. I'm especially excited by the filling. Thank you for sharing it on foodie friday.

  18. This cake looks super delish! I love the addition of caramel and coconut. Thanks for sharing at Creative Thursday :)

  19. Linda, This cake is off the charts! Apricots with chocolate is so often overlooked as a flavor combination but are just a perfect complement to each other.
    Rugby isn't big here in the states but I do have friends over in England and Wales and it's so fun to watch them go back and forth with each other on FB when a matching is happening!
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Thanks for stopping by our blog and for linking your recipe. Glad to have you at Piquant Potluck @ :)

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    1. Linda, thanks for linking in. Have a good one.

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  23. This really looks great and decadent! I can't wait to try this out!

    Haley McAdams
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  24. Don't know a thing about Rugby, but this looks amazing and yes, truly decadent!!! Thanks for linking up to Iron Chef Mom!

  25. So yummy!

    Would love for you to link it and your other cake recipes up at my new Empty Your Archive link party which is a chance to dust off great posts from your archive - there is a focus this week on big cakes - would really love to see you there, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x


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