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Kitchen Cabinet Sliders {DIY}

Space saver GALORE ! About 2 weeks ago an idea hit me – after we finished the Grocery Slider next to the refrigerator, something kept nagging on me … the sliding mechanism. I knew, with a little brain working over time, I will figure out a way to get more use out of my cabinets. {Especially the one we finished today}
Before we built and installed the Grocery Slider, which you can read about HERE , my small appliances were stacked on a galvanized shelving unit which wasn’t a good idea as we live in quite a dusty area. After I cleared out some cabinets (into the Grocery Slider), I had more than enough space to pack my small appliances inside cabinets. {The galvanized shelving unit has since moved to the Laundry, which you can read about HERE . 
This was before we installed the sliders – see all the space that was not being used, the question marks at the back of the cabinet… half the time I can not reach that far in and the other half I haven’t a clue what is right at the back – the arrow points to the upper area inside the cabinet – so much space not being used!

As, I suspect, most of you, I have tall canisters, boxes etc and then smaller bottles, packets and containers in which I keep pasta, rice and a multitude of other stuff.

Left picture:We built our little sliders using the above as follows:
– Sliding mechanisms
– Double Sided White Melamine (left-over from previous projects)
– Iron-on side tape for the open wood
– Screws suitable for wood
– Plastic Screw caps (not on pic)
– 1 x Handle per slider (not on pic)
***As all cabinets differ in sizes I am not giving any sizes, but from the pictures you should get an idea of what and how we did this***
Right picture: The arrow indicates where the iron-on strips needs to go – all open pieces of wood 

On the left is the part of the sliding mechanism which goes onto the bottom of the slider / On the right the mechanism is already fastened to the bottom of the cabinet – when ready the top piece slides into the bottom piece – there is a little stopper which are supplied with this mechanism.

Another picture of where side strip is needed (indicated by the X) to cover up the open wood / Roy uses a standard clothes iron to seal it onto the wood {It will be VERY dirty afterwards, but wipes clean easily using a little dish washing liquid} 

All the sliding mechanisms into place – we used one for each of the small side sliders and two for the larger sliders in the middle. (The small slider – on the far left – has already been installed) The pieces that are pulled out is just to show you how they actually works — these are the sides that are fastened to the bottom of the sliders.

Installed, handles added and all screws neatly tucked away under plastic screw caps.
The top two pictures shows the smaller sliders now packed and can slide right to the back of the cabinet – and I can see everything at a glance
Same thing with the bottom two sliders – only bigger and packed the way I like it!

The above picture shows what I packed (to see easily) in the bottom part of the larger sliders – Note the little insert in the picture on the right.. I used to keep all my plastic wraps, wax and baking paper, as well as all my different types of lunch and freezer paper in a plastic bin – Well, now I can find them much quicker and the plastic bin is not being moved from counter to counter, as I really had nowhere else to put it. 

An OPEN and a CLOSED picture – I like that, it looks so neat {Actually that is the first thing my son, Dimitri said earlier, when he saw it fully installed..}

A last picture of the BEFORE and the AFTER !!
Well, what do you think, friends.. ??? Something you might do, never will, good idea, bad idea…??
I really would like to know what you think of this – leave a comment, won’t you!

Steph Stephanie

Sunday 30th of April 2017

I am trying to get info the the type slider you are using. It appears that you have used the same ones for different applications.

Linda Nortje

Monday 1st of May 2017

Steph, we used "Drawer Sliders or Runners" - here is a link to something similar : (it comes in different sizes)

Dorothy Owens

Sunday 4th of December 2016

Love the different sliders that you have created. I am trying to get info the the type slider you are using. It appears that you have used the same ones for different applications. They all turned out amazing. Right now I am working on building a classic looking facade for a wall mount laundry room sink to make it appear as though its builtin. We have added a corner dog/toddler shower. This is a functioning service porch. I say "dog shower" but it will be so much more. The dogs, kids and even her Staff Sargent husband can play hard and then come in the back and rinse off.Anyway I would like to know what type of drawer slides you like to use. I want to build a narrow cabinet (like your spice cabinet) to fit between the utility sink and the dog shower. The shelves can hold shampoos, clippers, leashes, puppy treats...It is perfect.I hope you see this message.

Linda Nortje

Sunday 4th of December 2016

Hi Dorothy, we bought our sliders at a company in South-Africa (Builders Warehouse), but I have found the exact same thing online which is called "Drawer Sliders or Runners" - here is the link : (it comes in different sizes) We have used the sliders on the sides, bottoms and tops of various projects we did in the kitchen. Enjoy your DIY !

M Cook

Saturday 11th of June 2016

very good idea, I will go with heavy load slides and make bigger drawers and save the extra spaces between drawers

Feral Turtle

Sunday 22nd of June 2014

This is freakin awesome!!! A great use of space and it will stay so organized!

Feral Turtle

Saturday 21st of June 2014

Pure genius! You guys did an amazing job. Love where you stored your chocolate. In fact after staring at that picture for quite awhile now, I'll have to rummage through my mess to find some chocolate of my own!

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