Orania OewerHotel & Spa (Review)

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A Review of Orania OewerHotel & Spa in lovely South-Africa - Luxury Suites, Hotel Rooms, Chalets and Camping site available

A Few months ago my husband traveled to Hopetown in the Northern Cape for business. As usual I checked on the map where about Hopetown is and realized that the small town Orania lies just 40 kilometers South of Hopetown.

I have been wanting to go to Orania for quite a while now and when my hubby had to go back for another contract in Hopetown a couple of weeks ago (which took 2 – 3 days) I decided, this is it, I’m going with ! I booked us into the Orania OewerHotel & Spa and as I like my space and comforts from home, we decided to book the Luxury Suite (pictured above – Luxury Suite in the center) as my son also needed a short break and accompanied us just for fun

Orania is situated in the upper Karoo region in the Northern Cape Province in South-Africa and is approximately halfway down to Cape Town, traveling from the Limpopo Province, which makes it the ideal midway stop when traveling by car

Orania OewerHotel & Spa is a holiday resort offering Hotel rooms, Suites, Chalets and even a camping site – contact them here for bookings +27 53 207-0016 or click on any of the links provided in this post

Orania OewerHotel & Spa - Luxury Suite Review

The Luxury Suite has an open plan Lounge / Kitchen area, fitted with everything you would expect from home and more. DSTV is available with a good choice of channels to choose from. Coffee, tea, milk and sugar are supplied, not only in the Kitchen but upstairs, close to the bedrooms, as well.

Orania OewerHotel & Spa - Luxury Suite Review

The master Bedroom is cozy and I love all the small details.  Bed linen gets a 10 out of 10 from me and more than enough blankets were available (we visited during Winter time) The Northern Cape can get freezing during Winter and absolutely an oven during Summer.

Orania OewerHotel & Spa - Luxury Suite Review

If you do not know the Karoo region in South-Africa, above is a photo I took from the master Bedroom’s window looking outside – typical Winter sight, dry and brittle

Orania OewerHotel & Spa - Luxury Suite Review

The second bedroom is just as cozy and has it’s own small balcony

Orania OewerHotel & Spa - Luxury Suite Review

Upstairs is a bathroom, with a double shower (no bath) and get this – heated rock-textured tile floors, which is a huge plus especially during Winter !

Orania OewerHotel & Spa - Luxury Suite Review

I could not get a full shot of the shower but to the right there is a fantastic rainforest shower head too

Orania OewerHotel & Spa - Luxury Suite Review

The Bathroom downstairs has a lovely, deep bath, but no heated tiles. All toiletries are provided in both bathrooms and the staff made sure we had more than enough

Orania OewerHotel & Spa - Luxury Suite Review

I found the above balcony with a rocking chair quite interesting – entry is gained through a glass sliding door from the master Bedroom and obviously this is for Moms (or Dads!) to take care of a baby at night, without needing to go downstairs or keep up the other parent as well

Orania OewerHotel & Spa - Luxury Suite Review
Looking down from the upstairs area – I just love the color scheme and the richness of all the wooden structures all around – as well as the raw brick wall on the left. A Fireplace (which we made good use of!) is situated under the stairwell, almost in the center between the Lounge and Kitchen area
Orania OewerHotel & Spa

The Luxury Suite is not in the same building as the Hotel, but above is a photo I took of the side of the main Hotel

Orania OewerHotel & Spa

My son and I had breakfast together most mornings as my hubby left early everyday to go to Hopetown. The restaurant is only a 2 – 3 minute walk from the Luxury Suite and we encountered several monkeys running and jumping all over, they were in the trees, on the roofs of the various buildings, well, as I mentioned – all over !

Orania OewerHotel & Spa Restaurant - Orania, South-Africa

Above is the restaurant, right on the banks of the Orange River

Orania OewerHotel & Spa - Orania, South-Africa

We also passed the entrance to the Spa, but unfortunately I did not visit them this time round. I did look through the brochure and everything you would expect from a 5 star Spa was listed with excellent prices

Orania OewerHotel & Spa Restaurant - Orania, South-Africa

My son and I had breakfast here every morning. It really feels like you are right in the middle of the bush and the Orange river is a beautiful sight, especially whilst having a delicious meal.

Speaking of meals — we had all our breakfasts and dinners at the restaurant and the food is outstanding !  Very, very South-African traditional dishes at reasonable prices

Orania - South-Africa

We spotted this charming house just outside the Orania OewerHotel & Spa and I had to take a pic and a couple more taken in Orania to include in this post

Koeksister Monument - Orania - South-Africa

I never knew something like this existed ! Above is the Koeksister Monument. A Koeksister is a traditional sweet treat in South-Africa of which you can read more HERE

Orania - South-Africa

We also found this curios store which also sells the most beautiful paintings, old money (I bought a 2 Rand note which I grew up with, but is no longer in use in South-Africa) – Lots and lots of vintage goodies are also for sale, as well as a small plants nursery at the back

Orania - South-Africa

I thought this deserved a spot in the post too – an old car’s front with succulents all around it right at the entrance to the store

Skinki Kofe - Orania - South-Africa

Driving around we also found this delightful coffee house / curio store – SKINKI KOFE means “Pour the Coffee”

An old Petrol Pump still in use - Orania South-Africa
If you follow me on Instagram , you might have seen the photo of this old Petrol pump I shared a couple of weeks ago. I am not sure how old it is, but it is still working and in daily use. Interesting – on the right side, there is a note in red “GEEN Selfhelp Diens” which means “No Self Help Service” – the interesting part is that I know of NO petrol pumps which are Self Service in South-Africa and would not even have a clue how to work one !
Orania South-Africa

And last but not least I had to snap a pic on our way out when we left the Orania OewerHotel & Spa.

I know there are a LOT of people who have mentioned (Facebook mainly) that they would love to visit Orania but very few are aware that there is in fact a holiday resort where they can stay. Look no further, this is the place for you with various water sports, angling, and more activities and also a variety of different Hotel rooms, Suites, Chalets and a camping site to choose from.

A Review of Orania OewerHotel & Spa in lovely South-Africa - Luxury Suites, Hotel Rooms, Chalets and Camping site available


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  1. This looks like a great place to visit and unwind. I love the photo of the monkeys and the old petrol pump. I would love to spend a morning at the spa, too.

  2. Orania Oewerhotel and spa is a beautiful oasis. Through your photos, I can see myself waking up to the tranquility and enjoying my morning breakfast.

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  4. The luxury suite is a home away from home. So nice and cozy. The rooms, the view, and the heated floor tiles were awesome. Thanks for the virtual tour of the place. I wish I could visit South Africa soon.

  5. It looks like you had a lovely time! I would love the heated floor in the winter! Glad you had a chance to get away for a few days! <3

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  7. What a quaint little simple yet relaxing place to stay. I Love how it screams "getting away from it all" and the spa sounds wonderful. Glad you were able to experience this place!

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  9. No wonder you wanted to go along! That is an absolutely spectacular place. Between the scenic view, the animals and the beautiful lodging itself, you spent a bit of time in heaven!

  10. It's a great place to getaway from the city and just relax. I really like the place you stayed in, the bed looks comfy and it's definitely like home away from home!

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