Creamy & loaded with Bacon, this Tartiflette {Potato based casserole} is one of my family's favorites !

With only a bit of prepping and dumping into an oven dish, you can have this Tartiflette on the dining table in no time at all.

Whilst the dish is baking, I throw together a small crunchy salad, nothing fancy – lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion kind of salad – butter a dinner roll or three for those who have to have their rolls with dinner and I’m done.

Usually I have enough time to get dessert ready as well, depending on what I’m making on that particular day. If it is something that needs to set, I would have made it earlier during the day, small individual trifles in Summer are quick to make and whilst having the main dish, all the trifle flavors can play together and combine a little.

During Winter I like my baked puddings and will get that ready to go into the oven as soon as the Tartiflette comes out.


I have made Tartiflette with standard sized potatoes, cubed or sliced, baby potatoes whole, but we like the Baby Potatoes, halved most and I have since stopped using any other kind, sliced, cubed or whole.

A couple of years ago, I read about this awesome potato based casserole the first time and had seen various recipes over the years. It is actually all about the Potatoes and the creaminess of the meal. The rest of the ingredients, differs from recipe to recipe.

Seeing as it is a French delicacy and a French name I am more than sure I pronounce it incorrectly, even though it looks like a straight forward (English?) word. But, no matter how wrong I am, when my family hears we are having Tartiflette for lunch or more likely a light dinner in Summer, they are over the moon.



I am often surprised by people’s reactions to food – make something that looks like a million dollars, with lots of foreign, imported ingredients (expensive stuff too!) and you might get a ” it was delicious ” – hop on over to ordinary, daily pantry ingredients, mix up the right stuff, and all of a sudden you are the Mom of the year … food wise, that is.


Creamy & loaded with Bacon, this Tartiflette {Potato based casserole} is one of my family's favorites !

Garnish with Fresh Thyme (if using) and serve with a crunchy salad as a light dinner or lunch.
Creamy & loaded with Bacon, this Tartiflette {Potato based casserole} is one of my family's favorites !

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  1. I've never heard of this, but it definitely looks delicious. Can't go wrong with a cup of cream, bacon and potatoes. This would be a good take-along dish for a group event!

  2. Have made this several times with a variety of ingredients instead of bacon. [Bacon is best so far] it works well with chicken/ham and adding small broccoli florets.. There are only the two of us and we find the amounts to be wayy too much for us, but I downsized the potatoes/cream/Camembert. This is a regular dish for us and we bloody damn well LOVE this recipe.

  3. This is a much lighter, cheese-wise, recipe for tartiflette than the one I just got from ourfrenchoasis recently. Thanks, Linda!

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