No-Sew Rose & Lace Burlap Placemats

No-Sew Rose & Lace Burlap Placemats ~ Easy DIY Placemats and NO-SEW ! #fabricstenciling #nosew #burlap #placemats
I have a very quick craft project for you today
These No-Sew Rose & Burlap Placemats are so quick and easy to make, I think the cutting into sizes took the longest.
Once I had all the pieces cut and ready, I finished a set of 8 placemats in just over an hour.

No-Sew Rose & Lace Burlap Placemats      #fabricstenciling #stencil #nosew #burlap #crafts #placemats
I added fabric glue to the open sides to prevent further fraying of the Burlap and used the same fabric glue to add a lace ribbon strip to the one side of each placemat
Tip: In the above photo I have already pasted some glue onto the lace ribbon and gently put it into place on the Burlap – I then took waxpaper, folded under the Burlap and over the ribbon – gently rubbed the top piece of waxpaper to seal in the glue {you won’t end up with sticky surfaces or hands this way 🙂  }

No-Sew Rose & Lace Burlap Placemats      #fabricstenciling #stencil #nosew #burlap #crafts #placemats
I used a Rose patterned stencil to paint the Roses, using White Fabric Paint – sealed the paint by ironing the painted Burlap between two sheets of paper
No-Sew Rose & Lace Burlap Placemats      #fabricstenciling #stencil #nosew #burlap #crafts #placemats
And now I have a new full set of placemats !
***The glue dries clear and you can wash the fabric within 24 hours – the Fabric Paint is permanent after it has been ironed, so washing is no problem there***
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24 thoughts on “No-Sew Rose & Lace Burlap Placemats”

  1. I love these! They look great. Just pinned. Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. Have a wonderful week. 🙂

  2. I love burlap! You did a really great job and the really nice thing about these (other than they look good) is how quick they come together. I am thankful you brought these to the IN and Out of the Kitchen Link Party! I am pinning and will be making these!

  3. What a clever use of burlap and lace. I'm going to follow the sincerest form of flattery and copy these immrdiately!!

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