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September 22, 2015

Fried Cabbage

Looking for a quick & easy side dish ? Try this Fried Cabbage - most delicious !

This is such a simple, yet most delicious recipe for Fried Cabbage and it makes the ideal side dish.

I have to admit that I normally overdo it with the Bacon, making the side dish almost richer than the main dish !

Whether you use 2 or 3 strips, or 125 grams as I do, the Bacon is mainly added for extra flavor and without the Bacon, well, let's just say you'll have Cabbage.

We were never very fond of cooked cabbage for some reason, but always loved it raw in a salad, and not always a Coleslaw, cabbage is very versatile and can be mixed with a multitude of other ingredients.

Which reminds me, I have a Cabbage Casserole recipe somewhere which I have meant to try out ages ago already.

One head of Cabbage might sound like a lot, but I remove the very hard pieces as well as most of the outer leaves and Cabbage cooks to almost nothing very quickly, rather like Spinach, you add and add, and it keeps looking like you have only added a cup or two.

For the final dish I only add a little Black Pepper as you can see below, but once in my plate, oh man, then I really let go with the Black Pepper, but most of my family is happy with only a little.

Fried Cabbage

4 Servings  {side}


125g Bacon
1 Head Cabbage, coarsely chopped
1/4 cup Butter
1 t Salt
1/4 t Black Pepper


1.) Cook the Bacon in a large non-stick pan, with a lid, until crispy - remove, crumble and set aside.
2.) Using the same pan, add the Cabbage, Butter, Salt and Pepper - stir, cover and let simmer 20 minutes until the Cabbage is tender.
3.) Return the Bacon to the pan and stir into the Cabbage - heat through if necessary.
Serve as a side dish.

Looking for a quick & easy side dish ? Try this Fried Cabbage - most delicious !


  1. Having tried your superb tartiflette recipe a few days ago I will certainly give this one a go.

  2. I was always looking for a cabbage recipe. I can't wait to try this one. Thanks!

  3. Yes oh yes please! This looks SO tasty! I make it with smoked sausage, but you can be sure I'll be making it with bacon the next time! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Weekend Potluck. Enjoy a wonderful weekend.

  4. This is a recipe I would love - cabbage and bacon, two of my favourite things!


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