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September 11, 2015

Bacon and Onion Potatoes

Bacon and Onion Potatoes

You can give me Bacon and some Potatoes anytime, as part of, or as the main meal, morning, afternoon or at dinner time. The recipe I am sharing with you today for Bacon and Onion Potatoes are so quick and easy and if you have been a follower of With A Blast for a while now, you will now, that is exactly my kind of recipe.

This specific topping is more like a sauce, runny and ever so delicious to scoop up with the Potato remaining in the end. If you like more of a stiff kind of topping which would sit exactly where you place it on the cooked Potatoes, simply use ice cold Sour Cream and whip it up before adding the rest of the ingredients.

Bacon and Onion Potatoes

We usually have one of these Bacon and Onion topped Potatoes as an appetizer, especially when I know the main meal will take a while to get ready or it's one of those recipes where patience is needed.

Speaking of patience, my family has none when it comes to dinner time. Seriously, some days I think this bunch is just not used to food ! Or maybe the exact opposite ... who knows, but one thing I know is to at least keep them happy until the main meal is ready.

That is why these Potatoes are so ideal, filling, but not that much that it would spoil their appetites. Of course I also serve the saucy, Bacon loaded Potatoes as a side as well.

Served together with meat and a salad or two, {or vegetable sides}, you have one delicious meal together.

Bacon and Onion Potatoes

6 Servings


4 t Vegetable Oil
250g Bacon Bits
1 Onion, halved and thinly sliced
1 cup Sour Cream
1 t Fresh Rosemary, chopped
Salt and Black Pepper, to taste

6 Large Potatoes, cooked in the skin {kept warm}


1.) Heat the Oil in a skillet - fry the Bacon until crispy - add the Onion and fry until soft - remove from heat.
2.) Pour the Sour Cream into a mixing bowl - remove the Bacon and Onion with a slotted spoon from the skillet and add to the Sour Cream - stir in the Rosemary.
3.) Season to taste with the Salt and Pepper.
4.) Cut a cross into each Potato - spoon the Bacon and Onion mixture over.
Serve immediately as an appetizer or a side.

Bacon and Onion Potatoes

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  1. This looks absolutely delicious! Thank you for sharing. ~ Shanny


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