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June 1, 2015

Camping Tiramisu

Camping Tiramisu

I am on a Tiramisu crave these days and who does not like a creamy, chocolate/coffee drenched cookie dessert ? And these individual Camping Tiramisu desserts are not only extra creamy and delicious, but also so quick to make too.

This recipe must be the easiest of them all for a great Tiramisu and what is even better, I make them non-alcoholic now and then, depending on how many kids are joining in.

Use an ice-cream Chocolate Syrup instead of the velvety, creamy Chocolate Liqueur and Voila! .. you have a non-alcoholic Tiramisu.

Camping Tiramisu

Now, one gets so many different types of campers, I am one of the not-too-in-love-with-camping as I really like all my luxuries I have at home. I am talking about a large refrigerator, ice-maker, oven .. you get the idea, right?

My family on the other hand are all happy campers, except when it comes to fishing. That is definitely only Roy and Cheri's department, Dimitri and I ?  Nope, we are not the fishing type, but we do like taking walks and watching the animals we have on so many camping sites in South-Africa.

Getting back to the recipe and me liking my refrigerator - taking an actual refrigerator camping would of course be out of the question, but fortunately nowadays, there are so many options available, from a plain ice-box to a fancy battery charged small refrigerator and that is really all one needs when camping.

The two tubs of Cheeses do not take a lot of space and that is the only ingredients which needs to be chilled, especially if you are not sure when you will be making this Camping Tiramisu, which you could also make in one large bowl if individual servings is not your thing or you are clamped down on time.

Combining the two Cheeses, Vanilla and Sugar are also easy, as you can use a manual egg beater or even a fork - both works wonderful.

Camping Tiramisu

6 Servings


250g Mascarpone
250g Creme Fraiche
1 t Vanilla Essence
6 TB Caster Sugar
1 cup Strong Black Coffee
1/2 cup Chocolate Liqueur
12 Ladyfinger Cookies
1/2 cup Chocolate, grated


1.) Combine the Mascarpone, Creme Fraiche, Vanilla and Caster Sugar - beat until smooth.
2.) Mix together the Coffee and Liqueur - pour onto a plate - arrange the Ladyfingers over this mixture - as soon as you lay down the last cookie, start from the first one and quickly turn them over - leave to soak a few minutes - break each cookie in 4 pieces.
3.) Layer the Tiramisu in 6 serving glasses or bowls - start with the Mascarpone mixture, followed by half the broken cookies, repeat and end with a layer of Mascarpone.
4.) Sprinkle grated Chocolate over.

Serve immediately or chill until needed.

Camping Tiramisu


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  1. A great way to serve a great dessert!! Love it!!

  2. This looks delicious! Individyual servings makes such a pretty presentation, too! Pinning to give this a try soon.

  3. I could go for this...camping or no camping! It looks wonderful!


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