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March 28, 2015

Future Freeze (Cocktail)

Future Freeze (Cocktail) ~ This refreshing, smooth Future Freeze Cocktail would be perfect as a sunset drink, or when lounging around the pool !

I love a blue drink, or blue food for that matter, and I am not talking about kiddies treats, like a blue jello or some such thing ! Blue is just something else, something different and definitely eye catching like this Future Freeze Cocktail.

This is such a smooth, refreshing drink and a recipe you should really keep on hand, especially if you like a good Vodka Cocktail.

I did not add any ice, but have instead made sure all the ingredients were very well chilled before I added them to the cocktail shaker - if your liquids are not chilled enough, add a couple of ice cubes to the shaker and then strain the mixture into a serving glass.

Not sure where the name, Future Freeze comes from, but I like it and decided not to rename the Cocktail. Besides it looks like a freezing drink !

Future Freeze (Cocktail)
Source: What To Drink

1 Serving


3 TB Vodka
1 TB Blue Curacao
1 t Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
1/2 cup Sprite


1.) Place the Vodka, Curacao and Lemon Juice in a cocktail shaker - shake well and pour into a serving glass.
2.) Top with Sprite and give it a gentle swirl.

Enjoy !

Future Freeze (Cocktail) ~ This refreshing, smooth Future Freeze Cocktail would be perfect as a sunset drink, or when lounging around the pool !

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  1. What a fun drink! Love the color!

  2. The color of this drink is so appealing and fun. xo, Catherine

  3. This cocktail looks awesome, I love the colour so much! Vodka is my favourite drink and I love blue curacao so I gotta try this one!

  4. What a fun cocktail and festive drink! Love it!

  5. This looks like my kind of drink! Colorful and tasty! I cannot wait to give it a try! Thank you!

  6. This reminds me a bit too much of my younger days bt other than that looks good!

  7. These sound pretty good! I have just tried Marshmallow vodka and that is GREAT! I spike my ice tea with it or a juice!

  8. What a festive cocktail...thanks for sharing!

  9. This cocktail looks and sounds amazing!

  10. Well this just makes we want to be a on a sandy beach by the ocean! Looks delicious!

  11. Oh it looks fantastic. That blue is so inviting!

    Thanks for linking up to Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning.


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