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August 14, 2014

Sweet Chili Cheese Dogs

Sweet Chili Cheese Dogs ~ Quick & easy light dinner or lunch #Hotdogs #SweetChili #Sandwiches

This is my ultimate lazy-day-food ! And I am yet to meet anyone who does not like Hotdogs ;-)  Sweet chili Cheese Dogs are one of our favorites - not the favorite of them all, but close to the top of our ever growing list.

I like to use the "processed cheese slices" as they melt to a gooey deliciousness without having to heat up the whole Hotdog again - same with burgers, I also prefer the processed type of cheeses. As with most things, a certain type of cheese to use in a particular dish, is a personal preference, therefore use what you like.

To my thinking, making a Hotdog does not really have any rules to stick to, but oh, so many varieties! I am always stunned when I look up something on the internet, only to find that whatever I thought was the this-or-that best at the time, is actually considered old-fashioned, and here I am not saying old-fashioned food is not delicious - most recipes date back decades and others even centuries and they are still "hot".

Anyhow, I am drifting as usual, here is my take on a Sweet Chili Cheese Dog !


6 Servings


6 Cheese Grillers or German Sausages
6 Hotdog Rolls
12 TB Sweet Chili Sauce {your favorite brand}
2 Onions, sliced
3 TB Butter
6 Slices Gouda Cheese
Sliced Spring Onion Greens, to garnish


1.) Warm, cook or grill the Cheese Grillers/German Sausages as per the instructions on the packet or to your preference.
2.) Heat the Butter and cook the Onion until golden brown.
3.) Slice the Rolls in half, but not all the way through - place a slice of Gouda Cheese in the split.
4.) Spoon 1 tablespoonful of Chili Sauce into the Cheese {per Dog} - add a  Griller or Sausage, top with the remaining Chili Sauce, followed by a generous scoop of Onion.

Garnish with the sliced Spring Onion Greens and serve immediately.

Sweet Chili Cheese Dogs ~ Quick & easy light dinner or lunch #Hotdogs #SweetChili #Sandwiches

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By Stephanie Lynn      


  1. You have lazy cooking days? That makes me feel better. I love hotdogs we only have them in school holidays.

  2. I love hot dogs, but Sam is not a fan. Maybe he'll like them better with your recipe!

  3. Great cookout idea thanks for sharing at Foodie friends Friday!

  4. I'm not a massive fan of hot dogs, but I know my hubby would quite happily tuck into this!!

    Thanks for sharing at Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning :-)


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