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July 27, 2014

Site Marked as SPAM on Pinterest ?!?!

Site is Marked as SPAM on Pinterest ~ How, why ? Read the post and decide whether you are guilty {or might be!} of spamming Pinterest #Pinterest
First of all, I hope you are reading this post, Site Marked as Spam on Pinterest , either out of curiosity or to pin for future reference, which you hopefully would never need.

We all love Pinterest, there is no denying that. I get most of my inspiration from there, whether I am looking for a specific recipe, trends at the moment, or to get some advice regarding a paint technique. It is all there, with the click of the button, you literally have the world at your fingers.

{It has also been my #1 traffic referrer as in forever.}

Unfortunately, it also only takes a click {or maybe two} to flag a site as spam.  With A Blast has been verified, rich pins and the whole works. I am, believe it or not, quite a stickler to rules. No, not 100% of the time, I am not perfect, but I do try.

So then, why did readers/ pinners start to see this all of a sudden a Saturday or two ago ? Yes, below is a screenshot of what you might have seen if you tried to pin ANY of my posts on With A Blast.

Site is Marked as SPAM on Pinterest ~ How, why ? Read the post and decide whether you are guilty {or might be!} of spamming Pinterest #Pinterest
Screenshot received with thanks from Jamie at Love Bakes Good Cakes

A little blurry but clear enough :  Oops !   Sorry ! Users have reported that this url leads to spam or inappropriate content.

You click "Okay" and the pin box disappears ... that's it, you can not pin - Pinterest won't let you.  If you were on Pinterest and clicked on a pin from a site marked as Spam, you would get more or less the same message and also no access to the site.

Site is Marked as SPAM on Pinterest ~ How, why ? Read the post and decide whether you are guilty {or might be!} of spamming Pinterest #Pinterest

What did I do ? Of course I was furious at first - furious is not even a strong enough word, but it will have to do in this post. And upon a quick investigation, I found that it was not only a certain pin that was affected and marked as spam - it was my blog in general ! Every single pin with my URL address ...

Traffic ceased almost immediately - can you imagine all your traffic from Pinterest comes to a dead stop ? Not a nice feeling at all, that I can promise you.

Fortunately I do not blog for an income, but purely because I enjoy it - but many, many bloggers depend on any kind of traffic and to lose +/- 5 days of traffic from your #1 or even #3 traffic referrer, can and will do a lot of harm.

Not only did I not get traffic from Pinterest for 5 days, the thing which hit me most was that it was there .. out in the world for all to see {and probably believe!} that With A Blast is a spammy site, which might have inappropriate content or nudity - that was the horror for me. {never mind that pins were also immediately stripped from the rich pin mark ups}

How did this then happen ? After numerous e-mails to the help center at Pinterest, I finally received a reply after 5 days.

Verbatim " I'm sorry about that! It looks like your account your website was blocked because some of your Pins were reported as spam. I reviewed and removed your website from our blacklist. To avoid this in the future I recommend not Pinning the same image or unrelated content to multiple boards. This is often viewed as spammy behavior. "

I am still not quite sure how or why this happened as my pinning has actually become less over the past couple of weeks, more spaced throughout the day and all, due to the fact that I simply can not use my arms all that much anymore.

BUT, I do however contribute to a bunch of group boards - to which I try my very best to comply to all the rules of the specific boards. I also only use ONE image - specifically edited as a "pin image" for most of my own pinning from my blog.
Now, after Pinterest sent me their reply this is what I am still pondering about :

- How many group boards can one safely pin to ?
- Are they in fact referring to "Group Boards" or to my own created boards ? {followers in general only see your own created boards - where I only pin related content to each board  anyway - unless they follow a certain Group Board as well, then they might  see the pin twice}                        
- Not one image ? How many then ? And most pinners these days, use the first or best {which is usually  the image one creates specifically to use on Pinterest} image.
- Also, and this one bugs me a great deal - the site's URL was marked as SPAM , not the pinner, therefore, what happens to blogs whose one, and sometimes only, image gets pinned  and re-pinned 100 000's of times?  Is that not seen as spam then - not the pinner, but the SITE ?                        

This post is running much longer than I intended to, but it seems I am left with more questions than answers, and unfortunately I can only come up with one answer as to why ... ONE person flagged With A Blast - yes, that is all it takes to land on the blacklist apparently.

I do understand that Pinterest deals with millions of users, many of which are in fact spammers, as we all well know by now and Pinterest's first priority is to protect the real, legitimate users, but, if we can have a more clearly written list of rules to adhere to, that would be a step I hope Pinterest would consider - maybe also not take the word {flag} of one complainant, but maybe 2 or 3 ?

This is not said on the loose, I have done a lot of reading during the 5 days my site was "down" on Pinterest, and I could not find any definitive rules - yes, lots of rules, but not specific enough. I have also found several posts written by fellow bloggers who had been in the same boat at some or other time - again, most thought it to be a single person flagging their site as spam and not because they acted spammy - reasons ? unknown by most.... Go ahead, Google it, you will find them !

Thoughts ? Insets ? Anything would be welcome, as I am feeling like I need to check each and every pin at least 5 times before hitting the "PIN" button and it is also not nice having to tread on sharp glass which might or might not make you bleed !

Site is Marked as SPAM on Pinterest ~ How, why ? Read the post and decide whether you are guilty {or might be!} of spamming Pinterest #Pinterest


  1. Oh that sucks for you but it is interesting. I don't think repins would count from others but maybe for pinning the same image over and over from the same URL. Hmm going to watch my group board pinning for sure.

  2. this has got me worried now. I often repin a pin to group boards . I have often got this message on pins that I have already repined and when I tried to view their website it won't let me. So I normally delete the pin, but now I thinking, what if someone marked the pin as spam but it's not really spam?

  3. I could see why someone would have marked your pin as a spam after visint your blog. There is a n info links window that pops up at the bottom of the page suggesting something for windows. As well the right hand corner another window recommending another article from your site.

  4. Oh my heck lady! That's horrible! Pinterest is one of my number 1 traffic avenues. You've given me a bunch to worry about now. I totally don't want that to happen.

  5. Wow Linda, how awful. It just goes to show how little control we have over these sort of things. I'm so glad you were able to get it sorted but what a lot of hassle you could do without. The worrying thing is it seems there is very little any of us can do to stop this happening. I'm not sure I understand Megan's comment above, you have the "add this" pop up installed that allows people to share your content easily (something we all like to do) which comes with a very discrete pop up in the bottom right corner recommending another of your posts. It doesn't block my ability to read your post (like some do) In fact I use the same.
    Thanks for the warning anyway, at least if it does happen we know it is fixable now.

  6. So sorry to hear that has happened. Your site has awesome content, certainly not spam! It's amazing how it can really take very few clicks to mark something as spam, disregarding the huge number of clicks that are enjoying the content.

    As for the questions you posed, I certainly don't have an answer for them. Pinterest is still a new(ish) platform in the big scheme of things, so looks like there still may be a few glitches to iron out.

    Hope you have got your traffic back now!

    Thanks for sharing this at Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning :-)

  7. I once tried to get a recipe that I had pinned--and that I knew was legit--and Pinterest wouldn't let me access it. It had been marked as spam.
    I know as a reader I was upset that my recipe was gone.
    That is frustrating.
    Thanks for sharing your experience so I know what I'll need to do if I ever get that same terrible news about my blog.
    I have to disagree with Megan (sorry Megan). The recommended for you that pops up isn't in the way and doesn't bother me a bit--the same with the Add This thing.
    I have seen sites--we all have--that go crazy with things popping up and graying out until I give up trying to read them because it's just so hard.
    I would guess if you're posting to Pinterest responsibly (which it sounds like you are) it was some user who tagged you as spam. What I'm saying is I wouldn't worry about what you are doing, but just keep tabs on your pins in case it ever happens again you can get it fixed fast.
    Sorry that users have so much control.

  8. This is really interesting and not something I have ever even thought about before! I often pin the same image onto different boards the same way you do so that does seem hugely unfair if that is a reason for the site to be marked as Spam! Yikes, Thanks for sharing as I will be a bit more wary in future I think! xx #creativemondays

  9. What a great tip! Hello, my name is Misty, from The LadyPrefers2Save at, and I'm one of the new co-hosts for the Merry Monday Linky Party! Thanks for linking up at the Merry Monday's Linky Party this week. Have an awesome weekend!

  10. I had that happen to me about 2 years ago and I was totally frustrated. Took me longer than 5 days to get any response but finally got my site off the blacklist and things went back to normal. Was a major inconvenience to my blog that's for sure.

  11. Stopping by from Do Tell Tuesday link party. This also happened to me with some jewellery that I made. The images linked back to my blog, showing things that I had made in the past, these things weren't even on sale. I can understand that something might be considered as spam if you pin it to multiple boards, however I sometimes may pin to 2 or three different boards because the link relates to all of them and I want to be able to find it again. I think Pinterest do need to have clearer guidelines and not class a link as being spam until a certain number of people have complained and they themselves have looked into it.Great post, Diane @Mrs U Makes.

  12. Wow! I'm so sorry that happened to you, but it is really interesting! I pin a bunch of my articles too so I'm going to be really intentional about it now! Thanks so much for linking up today and I really appreciated your thoughts and hearing about your experience!
    -S.L. Payne,

  13. Linda, thank you for this post! I was furious too when I started seeing this pop up a few weeks ago. So annoying! Stopping by from Whatever Goes link party.

  14. Wow! This is something I had not thought, AT ALL. Really great information, thank you!

  15. I've had the same thing happen, except no message. Pinterest just marked me as Spam. no idea how or why. It's mundo frustrating (and always seems to happen on a weekend). :)

  16. Great tip! Thanks for linking up with the Caffeinated Crafters last week! We loved having you!!

  17. What an absolute nightmare! Isn't the point of pinterest, to pin your pins all over the place? The scariest part, is how easy it is for someone to get you marked as SPAM. I'm glad it's fixed and I really hope it stays that way. :)

  18. I know this post is a few months old, but it caught my eye. I'm not a blogger but an avid blog reader & pinner and the "this site may lead to inappropriate content" message drives me CRAZY! Sometimes it's an issue when I come across a really cool pin - I'll click on it to find more info, or to see if the originating site has other good things and is worth bookmarking, and that warning pops up, not allowing me to continue. It's even MORE annoying when, as someone else mentioned, I click on something I pinned previously and can't get to whatever it was! So I can't even imagine how frustrating it is to find out that your blog has been wrongly tagged & no one can pin from it!
    I don't have an answer for bloggers who have the same problem that you did. I do, however, have something to help people access blocked pins.
    (FYI: I usually access Pinterest via the iPhone app, so I'm not sure if this works if you're using another way.) I found that if I click & hold down on the pinned image, I get the option to copy the link. If you do so, then paste the link into your browser outside of Pinterest, you can access it right through the browser. Hopefully Pinterest doesn't decide to block this as well, as it seems to be the only way to access the information from things you've pinned in the past that were wrongly marked as spam. And hope it helps some people get to long lost pins!

  19. Ugh! I just had this happen to me and found your post through a Google search. I have contact Pinterest. Hopefully they will unblock my blog. I've never had this happen before. :/

    1. After speaking with Pinterest about this issue, they assured me that my site was not marked as spam on their end. I did a little research and it turns out it was the share buttons I was using on my site causing this issue. I updated the plugin and started having these issues with the pin button. I uninstalled the plugin in question (Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress) and reinstalled with an older version and I have no issues now. Just a note for anyone else who experienced this. It might be a plugin on your site. Check your plugins. :)

    2. How did you actually get Pinterest to specify that it was not marked spam from their end?
      I ask because I was unfairly marked spam today after more than a year of sharing to pinterest. I post funny pictures for pete sake and all of it safe for work. It really is crazy that a single person could be the reason for such a headache and serious loses.

      I see you've been trying to deal with this since last year now. I've read an article of a blog that had this issue; two actually and from what i understand the sites were both removed from the blacklist by asking their fans to reach out to pinterest to explain that blogs were not spam at all.

    3. I contacted Pinterest directly by filling out this form I explained to them the issue I was having which was whenever I tried to pin something from my site, I would get the message "Oops! Sorry! We blocked this link because it may lead to spam." So the links in my pins from my site were blocked, not my actual website.

      Whatever they looked into on their end, they found that my site was not marked as spam on their end. After learning this, I realized my issue was coming from using a shorturl service in my share buttons plugin.

      We block links if we think they might be spammy or unsafe. To make sure a link doesn't get blocked:

      - Check that the link goes directly to the website, not through a URL shortener (like or redirector

      In some cases, we block a website completely.

      It states on the link above that If you think we made a mistake, just write to us with:

      - A link to your website or blog
      - A link to a pin that's showing you the block error

      My issue was happening from using url shortner within the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugin I used for my share buttons. As you can see above Pinterest doesn't allow shorturls. As soon as I removed that option to use an url shortner in my plugin settings, my issue was fixed and I was able to pin my posts. So make sure your pinterest share button on your site isn't connected to a short url service.

      If you aren't using a url shortner service and are still having this issue, I suggest contacting Pinterest directly using the form link I posted and explain your issue. They are there to help. :)

    4. I'm now going through the same problems with my site. I have a free FB covers site and I'm using a plugin can social networks auto poster. It was a new site and I only posted 2 pins a day and after a few days they sent a message I'm band I wrote support and they apologized and said my account was restored I reactivated the plugin and got the error that my site is blocked. I then resent the support reply and told them I'm still blocked then get a reply, your not blocked and the I continue a test post and its still blocked. I reply again and say its still erroring that I'm blocked. I get a reply from some one else saying "We deactivated your account because it looked like you were posting spammy pins, which goes against our Acceptable Use Policy. To us spam is any content that's fraudulent or deceptive, pinning large amounts of unwanted or repetitive stuff, posting unsolicited commercial messages in comments, descriptions, etc., or trying to artificially boost views, Pins, comments or other metrics. Unfortunately we will not be reactivating your account.

      Thanks for your understanding,"
      Looks like a form reply to me.
      I replied and asked them to reconsider because I'm not spamming I only post 2 pins a say mostly for my users.
      Waiting on a reply

  20. I suddenly started getting emails from my readers telling me my blog had been blocked and they could no longer pin my posts. I had over 46k pins & none of these were from me so I was shocked. So now, I'm blocked as a spam site and I have written to pinterest over a dozen times. "Gia" sends me a form response each time and then simply marks my request "resolved" so I cannot respond. What's worse is that she sends me a response that says something about pinterest ads; I have never done any advertising on pinterest so this is completely unrelated! I'm seriously shocked and disappointed and I have lost respect for Pinterest's team in general.

  21. Thank you for writing this as I am now having the same exact problem and consequently, freaking out! I would love to know how you contacted them and got an answer since right now I am just hitting a wall. Thanks.

    1. I am so sorry you are having problems and I know the feeling only too well, Elle :-( You can contact Pinterest as follows : go to your Pinterest profile - click on the settings wheel (top right) and then hit "get help" I hope your issue gets sorted out soon ! (replying here as your e-mail is not attached to your comment)

    2. Elle, I visited your website and tried to pin an image and it worked fine on my end. Glad to see you got your issue fixed. :)

  22. Yes. I was just blocked! Now I wait. The idea of my reputation...a very small business to be blocked is very upsetting. I messaged with someone and then she sent to me to corporate. I also reached out again about the spamming, because I am not sure what I did differently compared to before. I received: Sorry! We blocked this link because it may lead to spam. Thanks for your article.

  23. Yep same thing happened to me, im now blocked, but its not pinterest its Zendesk, someone from zendesk just sends out copy and paste email replies and they dont care about customers complaints. Bad customer support service, ill keep blogging and about this company and let people know how they can just pull the carpet out from under your feet at any time, wont use pinterest anymore or should say, i cant

  24. I just ran into this problem yesterday, and did not understand what was going on. I emailed Google thinking it was them (using a Google extension) and they said that it seems to be a Pinterest issue. I have been pinning clothes from a website ( I like to shop at and now it's consider spam? When and how did this happen?! Ugh, kind of frustrating... I sent a comment to Pinterest, so we'll see what they reply with.

  25. pinterest use zendesk for there so called customer support, you will get an auto reply back, then you can send an email back to that auto reply with your problem and they say one of their team with get back to you shortly, they only thing is, you get another auto copy and paste reply back. end of case, you keep going round in circles

  26. Same thing is happening to me right now. I am a very new blogger and I think I have pinned a total of 8 posts from my blog over the course of 2 weeks. Topics range from parenting thoughts, kid friendly April fools day ideas, and recipes I have tried and like. I have a few of my own boards that cover similar but not exactly the same context that I posted a couple of my pins to. I have not yet posted to a group or community board so that cannot be the reason I was marked as spam. For example, I think it is becauee I pinned a crock pot recipe to my "dinner recipes" board. And then a day later and re pinned it to my "crock pot recipes" board. I did this a couple times for a few of my pins from my blog. My whole blog website was marked as spam. I emailed Pinterest. They removed my website from their blacklist a day later...but then not even 3 hours later my website was block again! I hadn't even pinned or re pinned ANYTHING in that time how they conclude my website or pins as spammy, I have no idea. I don't know if it's someone in particular flagging it as spam, or if it was because I re pinned a few of my blog post pins a couple times to different board of my own. Weird that out of the millions and millions of pins or there to other sites, my site with its measly 7 or 8 legit pins linked to it gets marked as spam...

  27. This just happened to me. I am soooo stressed that it won't get resolved. I think I'm going to stop pinning to group boards if all it gets you is marked as spam. (I don't even know if that is it, but it's the only thing I can think of!!)

  28. Same thing happened to me. My blog is also marked as spam today, July 20. I will try to message Pinterest and hope to get favorable response. I am really nervous now.

  29. My website ( was also banned from Pinterest, came back after almost one year, and now is blocked again.

    What’s funny, is that my website was blocked right after one pin exploded (gained over 200,000 visits in one day from that pin). And after a few days, Pinterest was full with the very same picture linking to fresh websites with an article copied word by word from my website.

    Well, this is very disappointed. I really don’t know how to get back on Pinterest anymore. I’ve sent tens of email bagging for a “human” to manually check my website for spam, but always get the same “robotic/programmed” answer Jenny from received:

    “We blocked this website because several users reported content from this site as spammy. To us, spam is any unsolicited or unauthorized material that’s promotional, commercial, fraudulent, false, deceptive or misleading. It’s important for us to block this type of content because it often results in negative experiences for users. Unfortunately we will not be removing that website from our blacklist.”

    Disappointment is the only feeling Pinterest left me.

  30. My boards and pins got deleting including my website blocked. I have a basic beauty blog and I pinned for my Avon business. I only posted my stuff here and there and mostly re-pinned other peoples pins that I liked. I couldn't tell you what I did wrong accept maybe another Avon rep tagged me as spam. I can't even get a response from them as to why they did it. People need to start making videos and more posts warning business owners. If enough people begin to react, maybe they will change the way they handle things.

  31. This happened to me on my meme´site and still I don't know the reason. I will try to contact them.


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