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April 30, 2014


Creamy Banana Cocktail with a divine kick !

I thought it a good idea to end the month of April off, with a nice creamy Banshee Cocktail. We had so many long weekends during April and most were treated as mini vacations - even though we stayed home - but we had lots of party food and of course a cocktail now and then.

My hubby joined my daughter and her boyfriend for a day and night, fishing. Now, fishing is just not my son and myself's thing ! Instead, the two of us stayed home and enjoyed a Banshee or two ;-)

The other day I mentioned to hubby that I want to look up what Banshee means, as we know the cocktail and also we watch BANSHEE on TV. If you haven't seen the series yet, it is about a town called "Banshee" where all kinds of crazy stuff happens.

I did finally look up what it means, and was quite surprised and maybe even a little horrified. It is an Irish saying which is roughly this : A Banshee is a female family member (not sure whether alive or deceased) whose voice you can hear screaming, 3 nights in a row at the exact time - this means there will be death in the family soon....

Yes, not really what I expected - the internet is however, full of different versions, but the basic meaning is --- Irish Death Bringer ..grr.

So, be careful drinking this cocktail meaning : do.not.overindulge ! Drink responsibly.


Serves: 1
(Use the same measuring cup/spoon for all parts)


1 Part Creme de Cacao
1 Part Creme de Banane
1 Part Cream (the whipping kind, but not whipped)
Small dash of Sugar Syrup
Broken Ice
1 Kiwi Fruit, sliced, to garnish


1.) Place all ingredients, except the Kiwi Fruit, in a cocktail shaker and shake well - pour through the shaker's sieve into serving glasses.
2.) Serve ice-cold, garnished with a slice of Kiwi Fruit.

Sit back and enjoy !

Banshee ~ Creamy Banana Cocktail with a kick ! #Cocktails #AlcoholicDrink



  1. I swear one day we are going to have drinks together, as usual they look amazing!

  2. This looks delicious. I love your new creation, so creative.

  3. mmm looks awesome for the end of the day....

  4. CREEEEPY, Linda. I know. Why not call it something else?


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