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September 29, 2012

DIY Gel Candles

Gel Candles can be so different and kids seem to love them, especially if you make some with something inside - I am thinking, perhaps little fish .. would seem like they are swimming in water, or a small clear plastic ball or two to look like bubbles...

In the above photo I have made my candle exactly the same way as HERE but using clear gel and not wax. I have found that working with gel is actually much quicker (to melt) and easier to work with than wax.  

Here, I have used a plastic shot glass (the hard-plastic kind) as a container. I did not color the gel as the container is a see-through blue color already.

I started all the prepping as in the tutorial (shown in the link above), then placed some small pebbles - available from most craft stores - at the bottom - poured in my melted gel and waited for it to set.

After that, just a piece of decoration around the top!

If you do decide to make gel candles with something, as mentioned above, in the middle - remember to pour in a little gel, wait for it to set, place the fish or whatever you will be using, on top and pour in some more gel. I have made some like this, layering the small fishes etc and it looked great. Unfortunately, I gave those away long before I thought I will blog about it! As long as it is not something too heavy it will be okay, also, place whatever you will be using more to the side of the container than close to the wick.

Gel candles can also be scented and colored - same as with wax.

Our next home project is our main bedroom {so far we ripped out the carpet - we will replace it with laminated wood as Roy have already installed this in our lounge, passage and dining room}. The bedroom is beach themed (well, halfway..) - even though we live hundreds of kilometers from the ocean - and I will be making nice big, beachy type gel and wax candles for decorating the top of our entertainment center. But, we might only finish the bedroom, entirely, in a few months as we must first sort out some safety issues in and around the house.

Here is a photo which gives a closer look at today's project:

{a tip if you will be using these purely for decoration - cut a piece of plastic-wrap the same size as the top of the candle, with a little hole for the wick, and place it on top - that way, no dust will be forming on the gel, but on the plastic and you can dust it lightly when needed}

Ciao for now,

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  1. Me parece preciosa esta vela, un adorno bonito y original.

  2. Awesome pinned this, found you via mighty crafts

  3. These would be great Christmas gifts ... thanks for sharing these and your amazing recipes at the party!!

  4. How cute is that, what a great idea! You could do so many variations! Thanks for linking up on Super Sweet Saturday.

  5. What a great idea! Love it. Thank you so much for sharing again this week at A Bouquet of Talent. Love your great talent. :)

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  8. These are neat...will have to try. Found you via the party....Linda

  9. hi this is a great idea i love it i'm definitely going to try it. i just have a few questions since i'm new to this all, where can you get the gel and what type of gel is it? thanks for sharing this :)

    1. Shanalee, I am answering you here as your e-mail is not attached to your comment - most big craft supply stores have a candle making department and it is just called "Candle Gel". You can also try googling for candle making supply stores in your area. Hope this helps !

  10. hi just wondering since i'm new to this what kind of gel do you use and where can you buy it? thanks for posting this great idea :)


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