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May 22, 2012

Split Pea and Ground Beef Soup (Slow-Cooker)

Old-fashioned Split Pea Soup but with Ground Beef ! Easy slow-cooker recipe

This is what it looked like this morning when I opened my door - cold and really miserable, ugghh (sigh) BUT, perfect for my slow-cooker Split Pea and Ground Beef Soup !

And look at the tree .. so bare .. no leaves. Winter is really here .. duh, Linda, Autumn ends in 9 days!

Most people, {I'm one of them !}, complain during Summer "'s too hot.." and "..I can't stand this heat any longer.."

Then of course, we wish for Winter ".. because you can layer.." . Nonsense, no matter how many layers of clothes we put on .. it's still COLD ! And guess what?? We wish for Summer ... that's life.

Today is also my daughter's, Cheri, first day at a real job .. she matriculated last year, but wants to work while studying.  I felt so bad for her this morning, I mean, really, first day at work and the weather is like this! But as she has a awesome good Mom, she was taught to layer.

Right, just to be fair, I felt bad for my son, Dimitri, as well. ( just in case he reads this post ..) He left an hour earlier than his sister. Even though they are no longer little kids, Mommy still wants to keep them warm and close .. don't we all?

On a day like today, soup is a good, comforting kinda thing to have. My granny used to make us some Split Pea Soup - when it was cold or we were ill. I have fond memories of curling up somewhere with a good book and Gran would make this soup .. now this was when I was still in primary school (just mentioning "primary school" to make a point - even as a kid I loved this green soup). Why don't kids like green stuff anyway? Dimitri hates anything green, always .. but not this Split Pea Soup.

Split Pea Soup with Ground Beef (Slow Cooker)

8 Servings


500g Split Peas (found with the Lentils, Beans in the supermarket)
3 Medium Onions, chopped
3 liters Cold Water (a little less will be needed) *
4 Medium Potatoes
1 cup Lean Ground Beef, raw
Salt and Pepper, to taste


1.) Evening before: Rinse the Split peas in a colander under running cold water.2.) Place the Split peas in the slow cooker (I use my smaller, 3 liter, cooker for this recipe).
3.) Add the chopped Onions to the Split peas and top-up with the Cold water, leaving approximately a 2.5cm (1 inch) gap from the top *
4.) Set your cooker on low and let it do it's magic while you go to bed.
5.) Next morning: you will wake-up to a wonderful smell, .. Peel the Potatoes and cut into cubes - add to the slow-cooker together with the Ground Beef.
6.) Stir/mix all very well - the Split peas will be quite thick by now - break-up any lumps of meat, if any.
7.) Keep the slow cooker on low if you're having it for dinner or leave on high if having it between 12 and 2 for lunch. Now, go to work, do some shopping or whatever - it needs no more attention until just before serving.
8.) A few minutes before serving: Use a potato masher and mash everything, it will be very soft, so no heavy lifting needed. It is a thick soup. Season with Salt and Pepper (start slowly, taste and adjust to your preference)

Serve and enjoy with fresh bread.

Old-fashioned Split Pea Soup but with Ground Beef ! Easy slow-cooker recipe


  1. Hi Linda,
    I was confused when I started reading your post about autumn ending in 9 days because spring is just starting here. But then I looked at your profile and saw you live in South Africa! The soup looks good. I'm a vegetarian but I'll bet it would be good without the meat, too. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Jennifer, the Internet really throws around the Seasons ! We have had this without any meat as well and it is still great. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I popped over to become your newest follower via GFC! Have a blessed day <3

  3. Great that you linked in, thanks. have a good one

  4. Was your Gran Irish? My mum makes this and my nan used to, don't know anyone outside the family who's ever heard of this recipe!


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