DIY Kitchen Ideas

DIY Kitchen Ideas

Since I can not really tackle any new projects, or even small crafts at the moment, I decided to put together a post of our Kitchen Renovation as well as all the small things which had gone into the kitchen and have been posted in separate posts.

This DIY Kitchen Ideas round-up post is also a great way for me to have everything together in one post. I hope you will benefit from some of the things we have changed, built or even something small like updating what you already have, usually with paint or mostly to be more exact – Spray Paint !

We started back in 2012 and over the course of around 14 months ended with a kitchen which suits our family needs and a kitchen which I am now comfortable in, organized and easy to keep tidy.

But,, yes, always a BUT, there would always be room for upgrades, extra storage, even more organizing in any kitchen, and I am sure it will be the same in our kitchen !  Rice

The ideas are already spinning around in my head, but for now, it will stay there as ideas and on a to-do list, which would hopefully be done soon as my medical issues are sorted out.

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DIY Kitchen Ideas ~ Easy & Do-Able DIY Ideas for Your Kitchen ! #KitchenMakeover #Storage #Organizing #SlidingCabinets #SlidingPantry

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  1. I love that pantry slider. That would have worked so good in my old house! Wish I had seen it back then!

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