DIY Headboard with Adjustable Bed Lamp

DIY Headboard with Adjustable Bed Lamp
This is a photo heavy post, therefore I will keep the chit-chat short !  This is Dimitri’s new headboard which I made from an old hollow-core white door.
The bed is a three-quarter size {between a single and a double}, and we took the same measurements as the bed’s width, to cut down the door to size.  As it was a hollow-core door, Roy inserted a wood-filler and worked it down smoothly, sealing the edge nicely.
A view from the front {the room is quite small and the lighting is not that great – these pics were really the best I could get}
Now, I will show you step-by-step what we did after cutting it to size:
Roy used his compressor to spray-paint the door a gloss black.
Now, this was around 10pm at night when I decided to paint a pattern before going to bed, as I wanted it dry and done the following morning – at this stage I still had no idea as to how or what I wanted it to look like.
I used the masking tape through-out as a guide and hardly ever used the actual measuring tape for any measurements.
I started with taping a border all round the headboard {the walls are light grey, so this had to start out with the darker color} – then I stood back, checking and thinking “what next?” another border inside the first – now, here I was stuck, I could not carry on doing borders right to the center … right? ..that would look too simple – stood staring another few minutes and then I taped the inside rectangle in half – some more standing back and thinking …uhmm .. and almost by magic I just taped, taped and my design was done. FINALLY.
We are approaching midnight by now – Roy is watching a movie {oh yes, I did all this in the one corner of the lounge!}, but I think he was more worried about his laminated floors which he installed himself and is quite protective over them .. {note; I had no dropcloth underneath – never, never do that!!..not when you do painting where you shouldn’t in the first place and secondly not on a nice floor – just saying}.
Right, after a few coats of white enamel paint, this is what it looked like  … Roy was following me all around with a small rag, cleaning up all the drips and splatters – see, he knew I was going to make a mess !   think it was around 2am by now, and I could hardly keep my eyes open – so off to a warm bath and bed.
Okay, wait,,,, I had my bath, was in bed already and just about to fall asleep when an idea hit me {I love it when ideas “hit” me – Roy hates it!} – See above — we had a task lamp on the wall in our dining room, which served a purpose many years ago, but was now, just in the way and not being used.  {and that is Dimitri in the photos, sticking out on the left – doing hurdles and the front is action photos taken when he did a long jump!}
You see where I am heading – yes :  “Roy! …” {he was just finishing his movie} ME: “Can you perhaps…” HIM: “Yes, we’ll add it tomorrow..(sigh)…” Okay, then I really went to bed and slept a few hours.
I could not wait to strip off the masking tape !  And I was actually happy with the result !! Not bad, might still end up a Picasso of some kind….
Roy sprayed the lamp shade red and then fastened it to the headboard the same way as one would do when fastening a lamp to the wall. {Definitely not going to fall on someones head as does those clip on types!} Above you can see it is out of the way, but reachable.
Before I go further, the wall color differs on the photos – no idea why and I am not a photographer of any kind, but the wall color closest to the real thing is as seen in the photo before the one above.
Reason for this photo:  The lamp is kind of cool, it can go up and down and swivel from side to side, you just need to reach up and adjust it the way you want/need it to be.
One last look !
Right, now I have shared the L-Shaped Desk, which we built and you can read about HERE and this post shows you the Headboard – see the room is getting on, slowly but surely. 
In case you are wondering, looking at the above photo, the Desk area is to the immediate right {we have added some self-built wall cubes as well, but will show that in the full room reveal}
Such a small room, but still so much to do ! And lastly we will finish the small bathroom ….
So, tell me, what do you think? Like it or not?  {Keep in mind that this is for a post teenager!}

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  1. Very clever way to paint using tape as a measuring guide etc.. nice job!
    Visiting from If It's Not Baroque Linky Party today from NW Illinois, USA
    Smiles, Suz @ MaytagNMom

  2. I love this, geometric shapes are one of my strange loves. I wish I was so creative, but I did paint strips on the kid's play area with three different colors.

    Thanks for sharing on Tuesday's With a Twist, please join us again next week.

  3. Linda, this is so awesome! I love it. You amaze me each week!! Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  4. What a great idea for a headboard Linda! I love the graphic look of it and the lamp is just the thing if you like to read in bed. Thanks for joining us at Transformed Tuesday.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  5. Oh! Love it all Linda!

    Thanks sooo much for partying with me! Can’t wait to see what you link up at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality tomorrow evening!

  6. Another great project from the South African Queen! Thanks so much for always linking up to Thriving on Thursdays Linda! It always great to see what you've been up to. You inspire me so much.

    Anne xx

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