Kitchen Make-Over {Budget-Friendly}

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

FINALLY – The Kitchen is done !! Get ready for lots of photos of our kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly) – I’ll try to keep my usual ramblings to a limit….

***One thing before we get started – the point of our make-over was to spend as little money as possible and to re-use old things for a new purpose and also rather to make things ourselves rather than buy new. The only item I REALLY splurged on.. yep, the glass mosaic tiles.***

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly) - BEFORE

BEFORE: the tiles must go ! Tired of the red after 18 years ..nothing is organized!

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly) - BEFORE

First pic top left – open counter to the laundry/dish washing area

Pic on the far right(top) – two end (top/bottom) cabinets to be removed and the steel shelf used to store all the small appliances to move to laundry

Pic on far left(bottom) – old storage area for spices, under the breakfast bar!

Middle pic (bottom)  tiny island to move up against the wall where the fridge are now

Bottom far right – Fridge to move to the area in the pic right above (where the 2 cabinets will be removed and together with the steel shelves move to the laundry)

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

Wall tiles have been removed and painted a light grey – drawer/cabinet handles and trim (all plastic) spray-painted with Rust-O-Leum for Plastic {BLACK}. Kickplates painted black.We installed a strip (150mm high) of glass mosaic tiles all-round the kitchen walls. Made and installed the KITCHEN COOKBOOK SHELF  on the right next to the entrance to the laundry. We also fixed the existing cornices, painted these and the ceiling a fresh coat of white PVA.

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

I made a simple no-frill (hang straight) curtain from the same fabric as I used for the old toy-box turned KITCHEN BENCH seen in the photo just before the above. Lunch-making station has moved from under the window to the counter above the Kitchen Bench.

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

We made and installed the DIY GROCERY SLIDER next to the fridge – now in it’s new corner. All the spices was moved from under the breakfast bar to new spaces which opened up thanks to the Grocery Slider acting as a “pantry” now. There are Bar stools (see pic further down) on the other side of the breakfast bar. By opening up the counter for this area the kitchen appeared larger immediately. (This was done a year or two ago already!)

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

Just turning the view a bit to the left – Beverage- Lunch making- stations now in the corner left – a piece of my prep area can be seen on the left (the flowers are on the counter dividing the kitchen  from the laundry/sink area)

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

This is the view when sitting at the breakfast bar or when passing in the passage – I left the Grocery Slider a little open in this shot

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

Same view as previous pic, but the Grocery Slider is closed. (it is flush with the fridge even though it doesn’t seem like it!) Blame it on the photographer.. uhm,,,which is me.

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

I took this photo from the passage showing the bar stools at the breakfast bar as well as the one entrance into the kitchen (there is another entrance next to the fridge from the dining room). One can see the different wall color here – most of the walls in the house are painted GRECIAN WHITE.

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

1.) We kept our old light – I like it as one can direct the light whichever way it is needed

2.) Just a cute “Kitchen Rules” wall ornament I picked up at Crazy Store this morning!

3.) I Love my “CHEFS” collection – this hangs above the breakfast bar (on the kitchen side) – The breadman is standing tall next to the bread bin and the chef with the menu board as well as the one holding the toothpicks are on the breakfast bar.

4.) The lights above the breakfast bar

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

1.) A Framed brass collection of our Big 5 – we won this in a raffle (not really my taste, but it goes with the curtain etc fabric..) and the ticket only cost five rand.

2.) Thanks to OVER THE BIG MOON for the free printables you can find HERE , I framed them with simple clip glass frames.

3.) Above the extractor fan, over the electric stove, is a wooden fork/spoon set – also a five rand raffle prize.

4.) I used to grow parsley on the window sill, but decided on Violets this time – the little tea-pot is a Red Cross Store find. My Wire-hen always has eggs in her tummy .. but the Fruit bowl is, unfortunately, not always packed…

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

1.) Take-Away condiments and all sorts of sauces ! Yes, I keep them, one never knows who is craving what restaurant’s sauce or salad dressing (I even keep the little packets of sugar and salt – many a time we’ve run out, usually in the morning, and then they come in handy). I used to throw them into a drawer, but that started to work on my nerves, so, I took a glass jar, some velvet ribbon around the neck and an old “Rose” shaped perfume cap (stolen from Cheri’s room) and glued that to the top. Perfectly good to have as an original “LINDA” ornament, don’t you think?

2.) I know those little glass cloches are for jams etc, but I like to keep mints and other sweeties in there – the knife block which I spray-painted – go HERE to see how I did this (a paper towel holder and a cup holder as well).

3.) Ah, my KITCHEN COOKBOOK SHELF – I am so glad we made this, it looks lovely and keeps my books out of the way, but within easy reach … but above all CLEAN as I used to keep them on the counter near the prep sink.

4.) A little collection of tea-light holders, together with some votive candles I bought ( I might need to re-spray them, the sun has faded them a bit…)

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

Last printable on the wall (directly above the entrance to the laundry) – but definitely the most important and dearest to me – I hung it where I can see and read it every day. I found this on the sweet Michelle’s blog, over at PRINTABELLE  as a free printable (go HERE to see this) – after I told her I was going to use it in my kitchen, we had some e-mails exchanged and I found out that we have quite a lot in common as well as the same feeling regarding responsibility – thanks again Michelle.. for the print and especially the chats.

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

And lastly … BEFORE & AFTER next to each other !

Kitchen Make-Over (Budget-Friendly)

I am leaving you with a last photo in this post .. with a TINY, TINY peak into our laundry, (on the other side of the counter on which the flowers are)  which I hope the post will go up right after this one….

Hope you enjoyed this post and will find some inspiration in re-using goods, and also to have faith that if there’s a will – there is a way! First take a look at something you want to buy, and then make sure you can’t make it yourself.


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  1. What a difference! This looks great, Linda … and to know you did it yourself! Your last paragraph is a good reminder. šŸ™‚ Love the new tiles and your huge window with all that natural light! Great job šŸ™‚

  2. Wow, that looks just so striking with the white, I would love to cook in that kitchen. The tiles are beautiful and I'm so flattered and happy to see my print in your lovely new kitchen. What an awesome upgrade! You are so incredibly productive with your delicious recipes, fun crafts and home remodeling! I sure enjoyed chatting with you, too!

  3. I love it! I am trying to get my husband to ok grey in our kitchen and living room, maybe I will show him this!

  4. Lovely the island block in the center took away from the kitchen before. I wonder how much you ended up spending on this to give other an idea how much it will really entail. Awesome ideas to make this a crisp, clean tidy area. Beautiful.

  5. Lots of work has gone into that kitchen I bet you must be so happy to be cooking up a storm in there now šŸ™‚ I really like the bar stools too, red is a great pop of colour for the kitchen it stimulates the appetite šŸ™‚

  6. I know you are so glad to have it done! It looks great and I love how bright and fresh it looks now! Thanks so much for sharing at Gettin' Krafty!

  7. I really love your kitchen. It's so nice and bright and the counter top space is amazing (I have a 2 foot length and another 1 foot length to work with in our tiny kitchen.)

    I also love the kitchen bench, the lunch prep area and hte grocery slider…so cool!

    Thanks for linking up to our Finished Friday Link-Up.

  8. Linda, this looks fantastic!! It's so not easy to make things feel new when using what you have. I've tried it! But, wow! Looks great!

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  10. Wow Linda, what a great makeover. I love the black and white contrast and those glass tile are gorgeous.
    I found your blog from Funky Junk SN152. I will definitely be back to try these recipes and I am a follower.
    Thanks for sharing,

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    Anne xx

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    Have a great week.

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  20. Your kitchen looks amazing! We did an inexpensive remodel a few years ago. Unfortunately I forgot to take before pictures. Probably cause I didn't get the room cleaned in time. I keep old condiment containers too. It comes in handy when you run out of something.

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