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May 23, 2016

Minty Mojito

Deliciously, refreshing Minty Mojito - You can never go wrong with a Mojito !

We do not often have cocktails, but when we do I like something tropical, fruity and definitely refreshing. A Minty Mojito is just perfect !

These are especially good with some sundowner snacks at the end of a busy day, or on a Saturday afternoon, although to me, a cocktail is best when you enjoy one lounging next to the swimming pool, or the beach.

Some days I prefer a nice colored cocktail (see my BLUE HAWAIIAN) and other times a crystal clear cocktail with added fruits and yes, even vegetables. The Celery serves two purposes in this Minty Mojito recipe - great look for garnishing, but I also like to bruise the bottom tips a little and get the Celery flavor incorporated into the whole taste. Absolutely delicious !

Before adding the Mint Leaves I also give them a light pinch to release even more flavor. The Lime*** pieces on the other hand I only squeeze the juice from half and add the remaining pieces as is to rather use either the Celery stalks or the straw  and give the pieces a little stab every now and then whilst sipping. That way you control just how limey your drink turns out.

Minty Mojito

3 Servings   (easy to double/triple the recipe)


1 1/2 cups Crushed Ice
1/3 cup White Rum
3 TB Caster Sugar
18 Mint Leaves
3 Limes, quartered
3 Celery Stalks   (young baby stalks works best)
1 1/4 cup Soda Water


1.) Half fill 3 tall glasses with Crushed Ice
2.) Divide and add the Rum and the Caster Sugar - give a light stir until the Caster Sugar has dissolved
3.) Add 6 Mint Leaves as well as 1 quartered Lime (see *** note above) to each glass
4.) Top up with Soda Water, gently stir and serve immediately

Serve with a straw or a cocktail stirrer - enjoy !

Deliciously, refreshing Minty Mojito - You can never go wrong with a Mojito !


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