Sunday, January 27, 2013

Message Chocolate Hearts

A Small chocolate heart on a caramel chocolate heart platform !  And yes, they are hollow with a little note inside.

It reminds one of the fortune cookie ideas going round now - baked or fabric made, of course I love is always a surprise to whomever will open one. But, I did not want to make something that is that well known as the fortune cookies.

Really, would you have suspected a little note, and a love note at that!, inside these chocolate hearts?  My Valentine's Smash Cake has become so popular and I thought I might as well go for a smaller treat. You can make a bunch of these in no time at all and it will be perfect for the kids to hand out to their friends and teachers.

Let me show you how easy these are to make !

You will need :

Chocolate for the hollow hearts
A different color chocolate for the platform hearts   {I used Caramel}
Decorations   {I used tiny icing flowers}
Edible Glitter

Love Notes - of course !!
Heart shaped mold   {I used my silicone ice tray}
Heart shaped cookie cutter, slightly larger than the the above
Aluminium Foil

Here we have the ice tray for the hollow hearts / a cookie cutter / aluminium foil

The pic above shows that I have placed some melted chocolate in each opening 
To the left, I have already spread chocolate on the bottom and to the sides {remember the first time needn't be perfect - you just need a starting point
To the right, these openings were not yet spread with the chocolate

After spreading the chocolate thinly, place in the freezer compartment for 1 minute - remove and repeat the spreading and freezing another 3 times - leaving the last spread 2 - 3 minutes in the freezer compartment to really harden

Once they are ready, gently pull at the edges of the heart shaped hollows of the silicone mold - turn over and very lightly tap and press the hearts out.

Meanwhile start making the platforms by pouring a small amount of melted Caramel chocolate into the center of the cookie cutter, spreading with a small spoon to cover the full bottom - I filled mine about 3 - 4mm high - place in the freezer compartment for 1 - 2 minutes until set - remove and gently push out of the cookie cutter
This was the only problem I had - only one cookie cutter in the exact size I wanted to use for a bunch of hearts, but in the end it did not take up too much extra time, as I made one of the above, placed in the freezer and each time I took out the ice tray with the hollow hearts in, I placed another cookie cutter filled with caramel chocolate in the freezer

Right, by this time you should get your little notes ready - I like the normal handwritten ones - more personal - I wrote each note and then just repeated the handwriting to give it a bit of difference
Hopefully you will come up with more original lines/quotes!

This is a pic of one of the un-molded hollow hearts with the open side up - slip in the note {do not fold it, just bend slightly so that the "walls" of the chocolate will keep it in place} - the easiest and quickest way to adhere the hollow heart to the platform heart is to use a match ... light the match, hold the flame around the edges {very quickly}of the hollow hearts and just heat the chocolate - then quickly turn the hollow heart over and stick on top of a platform heart

Decorate as you wish {use a drop or two of melted chocolate as a type of glue}

And here is a close-up of the final {already broken open} heart

What do you think, a keeper or shall we stick to the fortune cookies ?

I think I will make another batch of these for the kids on Valentine's Day - well, I might or I might think of something new ....but for the moment my creative juices are drained - I have a craft block with my half-done Valentine's Vignette !

Enjoy your Valentine baking & crafting,

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