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January 6, 2013

Valentine's Candles

I have a soft spot for candles, all types of candles, whether I make them from scratch or dolly some up for special occasions.   I know I have already done a post on Candle Holders for Valentine's Day, but these are the actual candles being dressed up a bit.  

If you would like to see the post on the Candle Holders {in jars} go HERE

Let's get on to today's post:


Soft and romantic ...

This is a candle which I made eons ago already with the strings of pearl, crystal Rhinestones and a soft grey/silver ribbon at the bottom - I forgot about this one, as it was way back in my craft storage {I made this using a juice bottle if you are wondering about the grooves in which the pearls are glued}

To make this candle you can use any pillar candle - cut some paper hearts from pretty craft paper {I did 2 sizes} - punch a hole in each and thread through some raffia {or ribbon} - I ended with a soft pink lace ribbon tied over the grey/silver at the bottom of the candle

Blue Heart Beads and Embroidery Thread

This is another candle which I made myself {it was cast in a champagne glass, which "mysteriously" fell out off my storage cabinet and the glass broke, just explaining the weird shape..}

I have used the following supplies for the Blue Heart Beads candle and the Pink Rhinestone candle:

Here you can see the weird shape of the white candle - so, for this one I added a glass candle holder to keep it upright - Use 2 or more shades of Blue Embroidery Thread and just wrap around the candle at free will - add 2 - 4 Blue Heart Beads to the final thread, you can always move the hearts into position afterwards  

Rhinestones - the quickest

Use a pink votive candle and stick on some Heart rhinestones - wrap a string of pearls around the bottom and you are done!

Another project which cost me zero extra money and even if you do have to buy the Rhinestones /Ribbon /Embroidery Thread or anything else I have used here, you will still save money - these are all inexpensive, yet striking materials which you can get from your local craft store.

The moment these candles were done, I had already started on my next Valentine craft - should be on the blog soon !  And I am still busy with the plastic bottle project/s as well ...

Ciao for now,

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  2. Hi Linda! Your Valentine candles are so cute. I did some Christmas ones and was going to do Valentine's but we may be moving so my craft motivation is out the window right now. Great job!!

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  3. Sweet. Love that ribbon idea! Thank you for sharing it at the blog party.

  4. Very pretty - love the blingy rhinestones! Thanks so much for linking on Busy Monday!

  5. They're all dressed up and ready for a hot Valentines date. ;)

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  6. Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing your inspirational craft project with our Crafty Showcase last week! You rock!

    We can't wait for you to stop in and share more of your ideas with us. The Crafty Showcase is open from Friday midnight until Thursday noon!

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Susie @Bowdabra

  7. So creative and lovely. Loved and pinned. Thank you for sharing at MightyCrafty Mondays!


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