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November 22, 2012

X-Mas Place Card Holders

I made some Place Card Holders which is a little different than the standard triangle cards found on tables.  These are just ideas which jumped into my head this morning and of course I started making them immediately, well, I had an idea for one of them but the other two followed soon after ...

Christmas season must be the best time to let one's creative juices flow.  And did you notice all the cool stuff you can do during this time on PicMonkey ?  I can play around with photos for hours without end {please do expect some overly decorated pictures from me for the next few weeks!}

Clothes Peg Card Holder


Here I have used 5 pegs - painted them with gold craft paint - glued them together to more or less simulate a little Christmas Tree -  glued the miniature peg, with the name card, to the top and some silver rhinestones here and there. I used my glitter glue-pens to "draw" streamers.

Ice-Cream Stick Holder 


I have used four ice-cream sticks - painted them with silver craft paint - glued them together.  I then pasted some glue all over the tops of the sticks and loosely stuck tiny white pearl beads on as well as four red rhinestones.  In the center I added a blob of red glitter glue {used the glue-pen here} and lastly glued the name card to the top.

Beading Wire Holder


I used memory wire {because it keeps the round shape and it was exactly the size I wanted} as the base "ring" to which I twisted and turned 0.4mm beading wire around all the way. Once, without adding the blue starry beads and the second time I added some blue starry beads at regular intervals {just slipped them through the beading wire as I did the twisting}. More beading wire was used to loop through the heart shaped name card and twisted to close at the bottom.  I twisted the top piece of wire a couple of times around the base "ring" and then used it to attach an earring hoop to, also ending with twisting the wire around itself.

And that's it !

In the weeks to come I will post a lot of Christmas crafts, recipes, ideas etc.  {Just warning you ahead of time - big whink here}. 

Ciao for now - keep crafting....Christmas is right around the corner...........

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  1. So creative!! They look great. Thanks so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent. :)

  2. Those are super cute! I love the earring one, fabulous. Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  3. My daughter would love to make these, Linda!

  4. Creative and cute! Loved and pinned. Thanks for sharing at MightyCrafty Mondays.

  5. These are darling! I love the wire one the best.


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