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Pineapple Beer

Homemade Pineapple Beer is a refreshing South-African traditional drink. Non-alcoholic or leave the Beer to ferment longer to make an alcoholic version Images and some text updated April 2020 Pineapple Beer is another South-African traditional recipe. I remember my parents (and maybe even my grandparents) making this regularly. My hubby also grew up with this, …

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Chocolate Drizzled Milk Tart Squares

Chocolate Drizzled Milk Tart Squares are my spin of the popular South-African Milk Tart and a perfect addition to a sweet party platter. Milk Tart is South-Africa and South-Africa is Milk Tart ! The traditional Milk Tart, of course, is a bit different than this recipe which I am sharing today for Chocolate Drizzled Milk …

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