No-Sew PET Cushion

No-Sew Pet Cushion ~ Soft and thick ~ 45 minutes to make ! #NoSew #PetCushion #Pets

As our weather is getting colder by the day, I thought of doing a small upcycle project for my 5 {yes, five!} doggies.  They have two queen sized bed blankets folded in half and half again – one in our bedroom and one in the lounge.  Since we had all the trouble last year they do not really like going far away from us, so we try and keep them as comfortable as possible – 3 of them are quite old already and Chichi still has problems from the night of the poisonings and the subsequent break-ins and shooting.  Joe, is a puppy and the only one who walks his own way and does his own thing !
Anyhow, the blankets seemed to wear a bit thin {we stopped buying them expensive dog beds, because they are little terrors with things like that – especially Joe, he loves pulling things apart}
I have seen this method all over the internet – the cutting and knotting of polar fleece and it just so happened that our local haberdashery has a sale on at the moment.  I grabbed a few meters of three different print types and when I got home I made these cushions.  This pink stripey one is for Chichi and took me under 45 minutes to make hers.
{This same technique would also work for regular chair seat cushions!}
With A Blast: No-Sew PET Cushions
Basically I’ve cut 2 pieces of the same size {per cushion} – put them on top of each other – right sides outwards – and cut slits of approximately 2cm wide x 6cm deep all around both pieces of polar fleece {see the X’s} – then I started doing a double knot with the top and bottom pieces {see above} – I left an opening large enough for the inner to slip in – we cut the old blankets up into smaller pieces and used that as stuffing – lastly I double knotted the open side and the cushion was done !
I took no actual measurements – all 5 doggies are about the same size so I approximated a size plus an added 50% – the cutting was also done without any measuring {just more or less!}

With A Blast: No-Sew PET Cushions
Freddy, Jason, Teddy, Joe and Chichi already like their new “loungers” and I am happy with a quick and inexpensive way to make them and most of all, these are now smaller pieces to wash and not the huge blankets as before.
{To wash: untie a few of the knots – remove the stuffing and wash everything – takes minutes for the removal and minutes to put it all back together again}

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  1. Great idea! I have made lap blankets like this but never thought of making it into a cushion. I know what you mean about the dog beds – even a tiny bed can be $20+. Our dog claimed the large pillow that came with the RV when we bought it so when it wore our we bought her another pillow with a black case to match her fur.

  2. What a great idea! I don't have a dog (yet) but could definitely use this as a playmat idea for my baby. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm visiting you tonight from Marvelous Mondays.

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